Mother's Day & Dance, Dance, Dance!

This year for Mothers Day, we decided to relax at home!  We hosted a brunch with all the fixin's!  So grateful to share this day with our Mother's and kick back at home with my babes!  The kids played and swam with Daddy and Anthony. They had the best time!  That's, for sure, the best part!
It was a great day with laughs and..... SURPRISES!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Yes, Yes!! We are expecting baby #4!!  The LAST Moran baby!  The girls and Daddy are VERY excited. I'm..... excited and TERRIFIED! Ha!!   The babies will be 18mos apart just like the girls.  We are due in early November.  I used to tell Jason, maybe I'm just not the kind of person who will every feel "done".  Well, I'm not even half way through and I know, FOR SURE, we are DONE!  Funny how that works! Guess I am!  

We had quite the spread!! Bagels and lox, blueberry french toast, egg casserole, potatoes and peppers, fresh ham, fresh fruit, etc.   It was all SO DELICIOUS!!  Thanks Dawn, for helping me bring it all together! You're the BEST!

 Here are some pics from our day! Unfortunately, I didn't get as many as I would have liked.  There was a lot going on but here are a few.  Sorry if I missed you!

We got a BIG BROTHER shirt, put it on this boy and waited for everyone to notice. 
So we waited.....and waited.....and waited.   We told the girls the night before so they already knew.  Ashlee kept saying, "Notice anything different about my boy?"  as we shushed her, she kept repeating herself and eventually she shouted it!  It was quite funny! and everyone was pretty surprised!

Here is a video when we told the girls! LOL


I cant remember if I shared that our boy is WALKING!!!  Well he is on the move for sure!  Here is a video of some of his first steps (about a month ago).... He's a pro now! Ha!

The girls have been dancing this year and loving every minute! 
We gathered a few dancers to go take pics in all their fabulous-ness!!   Look at my tiny dancers!!




Anonymous said...

the pictures are great and the kids are beautiful, the little man looks like is mommie.
congrants on baby 4.

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