4th of July & More!

Another 4th of July came and went!  This year we spent it with good friends and tonsssss of kiddos!  They ate, they swam, watched fireworks, lit sparklers... What else is there?! 
So thankful for the freedom to be able to enjoy these times with our family!
Here are videos:

Summer is flying by!  It always seems like when we get back from the Lake, its basically over!  We have a month left but it goes by in a blink!!   The girls are having fun in Dance Camp, we have enjoyed a few days at the kiddie gym, a few birthday parties, a dreadfully HOTTTTT day at the Zoo (Who's idea was that?), Museum fun, backyard fishing, and even squeezed in a sleepover!!  Id say that's just about a WRAP!

Dance Camp FUN!  Dress like a celebrity day, Tutu's & Tiara's Day, etc!

Day of the big SHOWDOWN!!!

All my ladies!



Family date nite to watch the boats!
Ashlee wanted to try our appetizer (Calamari) so we told her it was chicken..of course! Like you don't!  Well all was well til' she grabbed one with legs (even Jay doesn't eat those! More for Mama!) The breading fell off with one bite and she saw the legs! Haaaaa!! 
"That is not chicken, Mom!!! I cant believe you let me eat an Octopus!"  -Ashlee

I SCREAM, YOU SCREAM!!!  Austin's 1st trip to the Ice Cream Shop as a big boy!


We scooped up Anthony and headed to the Museum!  The girls are thrilled to spend any time with him and were excited for him to come!!  He stayed for dinner, fishing and even Mima & Poppi dropped by!   It was a GREAT day and evening!!


 Anthony wanted to take a picture by his self portrait!!

Date nite with good friends!!

A day at the Zoo!!  We took the babes to the Zoo before Summer is out! It was a crazy hot day but the kids were lucky enough to cool off in the splash zone!  The Mommy's?? Not so much :(
Austin LOVED it!

We even got crazy and let the girls have a sleepover so all the fun could continue!!
Fishing, swimming, popsicles and slumber party!!




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