Happy Birthday Tyler!!

It's almost time for Thanksgiving! How can it be?  The stores are dripping with Christmas and holiday music, and the kids are already making wish lists and asking for their Elf.  I'm not readyyyyyyyy!!!!   I just wanted to enjoy Halloween.  Now I just want to enjoy Thanksgiving :\  Oh well....Bring on the Turkey and PIE!!

Whenever we're having a bad day, we break out in Rock Band Time!
A little song while we make dinner fixes everything.  Especially if you have utensil microphones.

After a family movie nite, my little princess was still awake and wanted some 1 on 1 time.  Even though I was BEYOND tired I gave in to a few games of cards.  I taught her how to play Spit since she loves Solitaire.  It was so fun and she kept up like a champ!!  Even whooped me a few times!

Making breakfast!

We celebrated Jim & Michelle's wedding in Okeechobee!  It was a fun wedding and Michelle was a beautiful bride.  Aunt Marni visited from Washington for the occasion so it was extra special.  Tyler was excited to meet her!  Congratulations Sidney's!!!  We love you!!







The day after the wedding was Poppi & Tyler's Birthday!!!!  Such special men!

Jason surprised me with a little overnite trip to Disney for the Food & Wine Festival to celebrate our anniversary! Mima &  Poppi came over to watch the tribe and we had an awesome Day!


This boy had a hard day!

I bought big boy undies for this boy!! He is ready for the potty!!  SO BIG!

I mean SERIOUSLY, Look at that tush!!  Have you ever seen cuter cheeks than those?? Boy has a booty! Hee Hee.

Happy Anniversary to this guy.<3 p="">

Uncle Jordi came for a visit.  SO FUN!!

Yesterday was the day we brought this prince home from the hospital, one year ago.  Definitely the best day of my life!  Cant believe its been a year.  We celebrated his birthday at the park with family and friends.  It was a wonderful day and we're so thankful to everyone who came out to celebrate our boy! Thank you a million times. We appreciate you all.








My Dear Tyler,

It was just 1 short year ago that you entered our lives.  We were so excited to welcome you, our 4th baby, to this crazy life.  I never would have dreamt all the chaos that followed your birth but I am forever grateful that we made it to the other side, happy & healthy.
The biggest thing Ive learned in this last year is that some superheroes wear onesies.  You may not believe this, but in my eyes, you will always be a superhero.  You are amazing and there is nothing you will not be able to do in your life.
Ill never be able to put into words a love that's nearly impossible to describe, it can only be felt.  You have changed my life. All the kids love you.  You have a smile and laugh that lights up any room.  It only takes a look and  you fall apart laughing.  The way that Austin plays with you and laughs with you melts me into a thousand pieces.  Even though I make jokes about you being all Daddies idea, I'm extremely grateful and blessed that God gave us you.  A perfect little boy to tag along with your big brother.  He already loves you so much and cant keep his hands off you.
We laugh about how your temperament will be compared to his.  Austin is such a tank and you still feel so fragile.  Even still, you seem to hold your own with all the choking hugging and "kisses".
The girls love on you just as much.  You have taken a few steps and we expect you to be full-on walking any day.  Watching them hold you and practice walking from one sissy to the next is so special.  I love (and hate) that they teach you like we do.  They cheer for you like we do and they whole heartedly love you like we do.
I wasn't sure how another kiddo would fit into this crazy life but you have been a dream.  Our start was super terrifying and seemingly everlasting, but this last year has been wonderful.  You are so easy breezy and have just fallen in line (as if you had a choice, HA!).
Because of you and your siblings, I continue to experience the greatest love Ive ever known.  You all teach me patience (Its not easy) and the true meaning of unconditional love.  There is no hurdle I wouldn't jump, no bridge I wouldn't cross, no ocean I wouldn't swim for you.  You guys have taught me not to sweat the small stuff and to appreciate life in all ways.
Now you're 1!  I saw somewhere that "the days might seem long, but the year fly by!"  That couldn't be more true.  I know the days ahead will hold challenges, surprises, good things, and bad and I will be by your side through all of them.
I love you so much Tyler!  Happy Birthday Son!

Love, Mom

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