Grandma Ada Elizabeth

As you may have heard, God welcomed a very special Angel in heaven, Jason's sweet Grandmother.
After months of illness and discomfort, we sadly said goodbye to an amazing woman, who brought joy to so many throughout her 88 years on earth.  
A wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, friend, teacher, volunteer and devout Christian, Jason's Grandmother blessed all of our lives in so many ways.
I’ve had the blessing of knowing her for nearly 10 years. Countless memories of family parties, Christmases, Easters, family game nites of Dominos (of course) fill our hearts with happiness, even during this difficult time.
Ada was a spiritual person and strong Christian, relying on prayer and her confidence in God to get her through tough times. While I’m not an extremely religious person, it is comforting to know that there is a higher power out there, and even more comforting to know that she is certainly in a better place. 
88 years is really a long time and she most definitely lived a very full life.  Full of hope, and faith and so much LOVE.  She touched so many hearts through out her time here.  Many spoke at her service and described her as an inspiration. A leader of Girl Scouts who went to the limits. A Sunday School Teacher who breathed faith into young minds.  A friend who listened and guided. A mother who reared. A Grandmother who spoiled. A Great Grandmother who doted.  
When her health began to decline, all her children and grandchildren stepped up to help her. Frequent daily visits, they put their lives on hold to cater to her and make her feel even more loved and comforted.  So she wouldnt feel alone, they sat with her. Read to her. Fed her. Loved her. Willed her. Its such a huge testament to the family that she raised.  I know she would be proud and grateful to all of you. 
Every Mother has dreams and aspirations for their life and the lives of their families.  Maybe those dreams change along the way.  Maybe they get lost, or even replaced, and over the course of time- maybe you even achieve some of those dreams, and in the end, you think to yourself that you did a pretty good job for yourself and for those around you. 
In the end, how do you measure?  How do you measure the weight of a long and full life?  How do you measure the greatness? The decisions youve made, the paths youve taken... 
I think you measure by the LOVE.  The love you create.  The love that you give and inturn, receive.  You measure by the things people say about you.  By the impression you leave with them.  
Listening to the words people spoke at her Memorial could only mean she embodied that very greatness. 
Time has a way of passing by.  Sometimes fast.  Sometimes slow.  Sometimes both at once. 
I dont know what Ada's dreams were when she first started out.  I dont know if she planned to have 3 wonderful children, 6 amazing grandchildren and 15 adorable great grandchildren. 
Im sure she had good times and bad ones.  I couldn’t even begin to tell you what all those dreams were in the beginning, and all that she’s seen since then. Probably none of us could; but I can bet that so much and more has been accomplished within those 88 years in this world. A lot of laughter, a lot of tears. A lot of love. A lot of history.  
The end of life is hard to grasp sometimes. Hard to see both sides of the good and the bad of it.  
I’m sad that we wont get to see her again, but I’m at peace because she won’t know the feeling of pain or sickness anymore. Only tranquility. We're proud of the legacy she’s created. Quite a large family would be a colossal understatement. She made and pillared this giant family. 
That sounds like a fantastic legacy to me and most definitely a life of greatness. 



Guess I never met her, but she sounds like a very special person. Very nice words, Dani! She was so lucky to have such a wonderful, loving family!

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