Busch Gardens & Best Friends

My updates are very behind.  Even though we just celebrated VALENTINE's DAY!!, I never posted anything after Thanksgiving! Ha!  Ahhh life with 4.....
Anyway!  We stole a few days away to visit with some great friends in Ocala!  It was SO FUN and long overdue!  The kids had a blast running around all over and getting into everything.  Only wish we would have had more time to visit and play.  Thanks so much for hosting us Piccirello's!  Til' next time! xoxoxox
After our visit we explored the fun at Busch Gardens and SeaWorld!!   The girls were way more daring than last time and Ashlee was thrilled to ride more rides than before.
They rode with Daddy, I sat with the boys. Then they rode more and I sat more. You see where Im going with this? SO FUN!  ::insert sarcasm::
The kids enjoyed it, thats what its all about!  Austin was even able to ride as well! He LOVED IT!
We had wonderful weather and smiling faces...what else can you ask for?














We celebrated Christmas with my brother and Dawn a little early since they were going to be out of town.  They came over like Santa with loads and loads of goodies for the kids!  So extremely grateful to you both!



A Hanukkah celebration!!!  We always celebrate Hanukkah w a super delish Jew Breakfast.  I think Shay named it herself! HA!  Family..Fun and Feasting!!  Thats pretty much all I need in life!




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you are a wounderful mommie, the kids are all

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