This is going to be long..

I found my memory card!! LOL   I know you dont care but what a relief.... for me!
In an effort to keep my printed book in order (the other reason I keep up with this blog!) Im going to add a few more pics from the last post!  Everyone loves the holidays right?!
This is mostly all misc pics from the last 4 mos that I need to get on here.  Youre welcome :)

Here are a few more pics from our visit to the Fat Man!




Our Annual Gingerbread Party!!!  This is always a fun day!  Brooke and I have been hosting these for 5 yrs now and look forward to it every year!  It crosses 1 more thing off our holiday to-do list and we also get to visit with our closest friends!  Win-Win!







2 mos Doc appt.  I took the boys to the doc... alone.. in the rain!  That was so fun! NOT!
Tyler weighed 11 lbs and doing just terrific! No complaints!




Girls had their Winterfest at school!  They performed several songs on stage and had tons of fun stations outside!  So proud of these ladies!


BBQ at home with the babes!!   The kids love to BBQ outside, hang out and be silly.
We usually oblige.




Movie Nites are the BEST NITES!!!








Homework time or CHAOS HOUR!! as I like to call it.  Austin wont be left out of ANYTHING!




Ready for school!!

Sleepover at Mima's!!!   They had such fun! They watched Planes, played games, coloring and all sorts of sillyness!!

This boy is so crazy!!                                       He tried to hide from me at nap time but I saw his
                                                                         little tootsies behind the curtain!  PEEK A BOO!

 Austin LOVES his Sissy's!!  He epecially loves to BONK their heads together whenever possible!

Check out my cool shades!


1st grade Olympics!  Ashlee participated in her schools Olympics!  She took part in several events and was SO CUTE to watch!!  Go Ashlee Go!








Madison also participated in the 2nd grade Olympics!  It was a MUCH colder day but fun all the same!






Naked Brothers! I was changing Tylers diaper and Austin decided he could go for a change also! Ha!


I feel like I already shared the girls school pictures this year, however I cant find that post anywhere.  So just in case.... WHO ARE THESE TEENAGERS?!?!?
They are growing so fast! So fast!


Trying our hand at Karate!  Are you scared?!



Superbowl fun with awesome friends!!!!!!!





I was going through Madison's writing journal and found a few gems that I wanted to save!  Enjoy! She is my sugar monster!

Sillytime at home!

My teeny is growing up!!  Playing with Mommys camera at home!

 Quality time with Daddy! This boy LOVES his Daddy.


Time for a little trim! Not so easy for the kid who never holds still!

A birthday Celebration for Grandpa!!!  Happy Birthday Grandpa!

The girls really love to ride their bikes! Unfortunately, we dont always make enough time to get to the park.  We try to squeeze it in before dinner, once the whining becomes more than I can stand!


Ashlee went to a Spa Birthday party in a limo!!! It was definitely a highlight!!
She was super excited for this day to arrive!



Anonymous said...

you are a wounderful mommy and the kids are getting so big and they are beautiful just like mommie. I wish nothing but love and happiness and good health for all of you.

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