Getting Warmer...

These kids are getting SO BIG! Im 50% excited to move it along and 50% let them be little.
Austin is at such a fun age.  I cant believe he's turning 2 already.  He repeats EVERYTHING we say. He mimics EVERYTHING the girls do. The good and the bad.  Its such a fun age to really watch him grow.
Tyler is just about 6 mos old! 6 mos!  We had a bit of a rough start but hes getting better everyday.  Hes super smiley and loves to be played with and get attention.

Sillytime with this boy.  He makes the cutest faces and has such expression when hes being silly.  I hope he stays this sweet FOREVER.


Morning cartoons with this crew!!

We've been swimming more and more.  We threw Austin in with his swimmies and he is a natural! A regular fish like his sisters!  He loves, loves, loves, the water.   He did pretty well for his first time. Lake ready in no time!!


Terrific Sissy is alllllways looking after her boys!  She loves them so much and is extremely protective of them.  My little worrier.







Mima and Poppi came over for a little fun in the sun with the kids!
We BBQ'd, swam, hunted for tadpoles, fed the duckies and even.... GAME NITE!!  The girls love having game nite so they were very excited, even Poppi played.  Austin has been swimming more and more w his swimmies.  He is definitely a water boy.





This year, for April Fool's Day, I pulled out all the stops!  Last year I rubberbanded the sink sprayer and set up the girls to rinse something for me.  Madison got the short end of the stick (Including all the water) while Ashlee and I laughed and laughed.  I was a little bummed it didnt get them both, but still TOTALLY AWESOME, all the same.  Here is the video from last year..  Hee! Hee!

This year, I stepped it up a notch!  Including, but not limited to.....
Black spiders on the toilet paper rolls!  (I did this to all 3 bathrooms, and even got Daddy! in his 5a groggy state of mind!) Haaaaaaa!!  ((You draw it and roll it underneath, and then when they unroll....BAM!!!))

Toothpaste Oreos!  These were fun!  I filled Oreos with toothpaste and put them in their lunchbox for snack.  My only regret is I wasnt there to see it! Haaaa!  Ashlee even gave one to her teacher to share! My little giving girl! HAAAA!

and finally...Grape filled DumDum Lollipops!  Haaaaaaa!

I originally was going for covered chocolate eggs but I went through all the Easter Candy and all I had were DumDums, so I went for it!

When I was packing the lunches with these "yummy treats"..Jason started harrassing me about being a horrible mother (as if!) and said I should take out the pops and just leave the oreos.  I didnt really want to butttttt I decided to oblige, knowing at least Id get to see the pops at home! Muhahahahaha <~~~ evil laugh!  I sent the girls on their way and when I picked them up they told me alllll about their yummy lunch treats! Ashlee even told me that she shared her Oreo's with her teacher! HA!!!
Here is a video of me giving them the DumDum Lollipops when we got home from school!  THIS WAS A GREAT DAY!! Cant wait for next year!

More videos! (Ive been slacking on the videos, so here's a few cute ones!)


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