Good Times!

It has been a busy first few months of the year! There have been many birthdays, celebrations, play dates, school stuff, visits with friends and on and on...  Jason loves me so much he got us tickets to see Garth Brooks, TWICE! I was so excited!  He was definitely on my bucket list.  It was an amazing concert! So glad we went!

We love surprise lunches with Uncle Jordi!!

Ashlee is such a good big sister.  She is constantly playing with her brothers and making sure they always have fun.

Brooke asked me to take some Valentine pics of her kiddos so I slapped some clothes on mine and we gave it a go!!  Not so bad.

The girls decorated Valentine boxes for school.  Shopkins of course! Cheeky Chocolate and Poppy Popcorn.  They were super excited to bring them school and collect all the LOVE!

We have been having some pretty gorgeous weather here and there so we stole a day away at the park!  The kids played all kinds of ball games, playground, we had lunch and visited with friends.  It was a terrific day! We should definitely do that more often!














Austin LOOOOOVES his brother! I cant put into words the awesome-ness between these two boys!  If Tyler cries, Austin takes my hand and leads me too him.  He is always rubbing his head and "petting" him, kissing him and putting his cheek to Tylers.  Its enough to make you melt into a puddle!

This is what running to the store with all 4 looks like.  This rarely happens but sometimes you just gotta GO! Ha!

Celebrating special birthdays with special friends.  Love these ladies!

Chili Time!!!!!!!!!!!!  I cant even remember how many years Ive been attending this concert, more than 10 for sure.  Its always a good time!!



Madison's Family Shamrock!  "My family is special because they take me to the park, Gameroom, shopping, Ariana's house.  They let me play Mario Bros 1, Mario Bros 2, and Mario Bros 3.  They also let me get a lot of Shopkins and nom-noms.  I also know they love me very, very much and they care for me a lot."  
Well, even though we didnt come before the least we made it in! Haaa!

Fun with friends for St. Patricks Day!!!



Celebrating a special birthday at Little Java's and a little playtime fun! This is one of Austin's favorite places!


Take your kid to work day!!  We dropped the boys with a friend and I took the girls to the office with me. They learned allll about how Mama makes the benji's!  Hee Hee!

Sillytime w these boys!
Celebrating the 100th day of school with this silly girl!!

Some old and new videos of the loonies!


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