Jane's 70th Birthday and Passover

Im almost ALL caught up!  Whoop Whoop!
Lots of things going on.. Lots of things happening.  Time is flying..Kids are growing..Babies are growing even faster. Fun things, stressful things, sad things, exciting things... LIFE!
Jason surprised the girls, for terrific report cards, with a Daddy Daughter trip to Busch Gardens!!  They were SO excited to take a trip with him and even MORE excited to go to the parks!  Since Mommy wasnt there to slow them down, they had the time of their lives! Whatever.
Ill let the pics speak for themselves.  Maybe a new tradition for these ladies. AND LOOK how many pics he took!  Ive trained him well! Ha!



They must have been getting bored of this "rollercoaster" Ha Ha Ha Ha


LOVE the difference from the 1st ride to the 2nd! Ha!

We celebrated Jane's 70th Birthday!!!!!
Jim planned a wonderful, surprise birthday dinner for his favorite lady with her friends and family.  It was a nice, well deserved evening.  Happy Birthday Jane!  We love you!










Jason and I hosted Passover this year.  It was a nice, relaxing evening.
The Ziff's and Goldberg's came to join us and celebrate!
Definitely need to get together more often!



Great pictures Dani, as usual!!! Your life is certainly filled with happy moments. I am glad you are capturing them!!

SaviOne said...

Holy smokes! Jason took pictures! Lol. Well, I gotta say those kids of yours are damn adorable! And I still LOVE your hair that length.

Dani said...

Thanks guys!! Fun times :)

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