Mother's Day & Mama's Boys!!

I love that we set aside a whole day to honor and celebrate the women who raised us.  
Mother’s Day holds a special place in my own heart because of the little ones who made me a mom. I love waking up to their little feet bringing me the handmade gifts they’ve poured their hearts into making. These are the moments that remind me motherhood is a gift, and nurturing these little people’s growth is my favorite job of all.   
Being a Mom is tough.  Who knew it wasnt all lovey time and celebrations?  It’s not an instant gratification thing all the time. When your kiddos are just babies and you’re changing diapers or listening to whining constantly, it can feel overwhelming. But one day you’ll be sitting around a table for your birthday breakfast and you’ll realize that their little hearts are thankful for you. And they do notice all the little things that Mommy does for them, and theyre grateful.
The young stage my kids are in is the sweetest (usually). Jay and I are their favorite people and they still stop what they’re doing to greet us at the door when we get home. I really want to savor this season for as long as I can. I try to make intentional efforts to play and connect face to face with them. Even when I’m tired at the end of a long day, it’s fuel to see the look in their eyes when I ask them to cook with me or read a story. As a mom, sometimes I have to change my mindset and remind myself what’s important. I only have so many hours a day to spend with these sweet, little people. And they won’t be little forever. So I get up and keep moving. 

I hope you all felt so loved and celebrated this Mother’s Day. And no matter what stage of Motherhood you find yourself in, just know that you are doing enough, and you are loved and appreciated. Take a few moments to look around and appreciate your children and the stage they’re in. I know for me, the thought of them growing up and moving off makes me want to burst into tears! So this Mother’s Day I wanted to milk it for all it’s worth, and squeeze them just a little longer. 

Dawn surprised my Mom and I with a beautiful staycation at the beach!! Jay came home Friday after work and we were on our way!!  It was SO NICE and relaxing.  A little grown up Mommy time was just what the Doctor ordered.  (Sounds funny, after I just said all that mushy stuff about spending every second soaking up the kids right? HA!)  Well, this Mama's "me time" although short lived, and not too often, makes me a better Mama!  I think it makes us all better Mama's.  You still have to take care of YOURSELF before you can take care of anyone else.  
Our night away was full of special surprises like fancy poolside drinks, dreamy ocean views, delicious intercoastal dinners, hours of balcony girl talk and even a movie nite!  Cant thank you enough Dawn, for setting this all up. I appreciate you so much, xo.

Sillytime with my boys is medicine for my soul!

Mother's Day was very relaxing!! I got to sleep in while Jason and the kids whipped me up an awesome Dunkin Donut breakfast.  The kids showered me with beautiful handmade gifts and even Daddy got me a few things he may soon regret, for taking up all my attention! Ha!  I am SO in love with this bunch and I feel incredibly grateful to be their Mom.
Happy Mother's Day!!





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