Lake Blue 2016

Our Annual lake trip has already come and gone and now its just a blip.  We're diving head first into the school year and all that goes with that.

This year, at Lake Blue, was a little different than last. Every year the kids are a little older, and with that comes MORE FUN!  They get a little more brave and are anxious to try just one more thing.  This year was SKIING!! One of Mommies favorites!  After a few tries, Madison got right up and loved it! So exciting watch her determination. She would not give up. "One more time, One more time, Mom".  Ashlee also tried and got up for a few minutes but then she was done with that! Ha!  My little princess.  It was so special watching Anthony hold the girls up while they tried it out.  Not too long ago, Jason was holding him up.
Austin and Tyler got on the tubes for the first time, as well.   They loved it! No tears.
Stevie, Renee', her friend Tiger, Anthony, Nana & even Mima, also joined us this year!  The girls just love spending time with them.
We had a lot of quality family time on the beach, at the pool, game nites, catching up with friends... you know the drill. 
The best part of all, for Jason and I, is the feeling of "disconnect" you have to the rest of the world. The wifi is spotty and the cell service eh. So, it makes for a fairly "off-the-grid" vacation.  I always say that vacationing with kids isnt usually so much of a "vacation".  IT'S WORK!  
This is one we look forward to just sit back and relax.  No schedule, no plans. Everyday is calm, relaxing and fun.. like vacations are meant to be.  
The days just melt away. So fast.

9 years ago Jay brought me to this lake for the 1st time. I was pregnant with Madison.  9 years later, and LOOK at this!  Crazy.











Til' next year Lake Blue...


SaviOne said...

Love love love! Fabulous how Tyler is cooperating for #ham

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