Miss me??  Its only been a month? but seems like so.much.longer!  Even though it has been so crazy and feels like so long since Ive written, I barely have anything to share. Ha!
Well, let me start by saying that my dear husband accidentally erased 1,100 pics from my phone ::insert ugly cry::  SO..... after I picked myself off the floor and planned his demise...I only have a tiny bit left FOR YOU!
The Summer ended with some sadness for our family.  Our sweet girl Mogie went to Doggie heaven.  It was extremely tough.  More than I thought it would be.  Before she passed, we got 2 puppies to add to our family craziness.  We knew her time was coming soon and thought maybe these babies would help soften the blow of losing her.  I remember when I lost her sister a few years ago, but for some reason this time was way worse.  She was my 1st baby for the last 14 years.  She welcomed all my babies into our home and was the most loving and patient dog that I could ask for.  These kids pulled her, rode her, laid on her, the works!, and she never faultered.  She was ever the lady and always the sweetest.  I miss her so much.  We still have her dog bed next to ours.  Even though, its big and in the way, I cant bring myself to toss it.  Maybe soon.  Always in my heart, sweet girl.

For now, these Pups are enough distraction for me to want to shoot myself! Ha!
This is Daisy & Duke.<3 p="">

The girls started school a few short weeks ago and we're back to our regarly scheduled programming.
Holy Moly Times.  Ashlee is thrilled to have Madison's teacher from last year and Madison is loving 3rd grade.  They started Girl Scouts and Baton/Cheer so thats also been exciting.  I cant believe that Madison is in 3rd grade and about to turn 9 years old!  Cheers to an awesome school year, without incident!  ::click::

Look how little on their very first day of school!

An after school ice cream party to celebate an awesome first day!!

Running errands with the crazies is OH! So much fun!!!  School shopping and grocery shopping!



The key to my survival during 4-7 p.m. (the witching hours, as I call it) is FREEZER MEALS! LOL  Cant say it enough! They truly save me!  Ive been making and freezing them for the month and they are just SO helpful! Cant believe I waited so long to do this but so grateful!  
Look how cute my little Sous Chef's are!!

Ashlee: Can I mop the floor?
Me: Sure, start over there in the corner.
Ashlee: ::mopping::
Me: ((walks into the room)) Ashlee you cant mop like that. You have to go backwards so youre not walking on what you mopped. ((Leaves room and comes back to find......))
Ashlee: How can you see the dirt if you're mopping backwards? I dont understand!
The kid is literally mopping bkwards.

Playdates with besties are always so much fun!

A snake in the pool??  Sure!   ::shudder::

Look at this big HUGE boy standing up already! Almost 1 people! 1!!!!!
He is just the MOST loveable baby! He smiles! He hardly ever fusses unless hes super tired or wants to eat. He's dreamy!



A little ladies movie nite for Mama!  I need these on a regular basis! HA!

Celebrating birthdays with special friends!

Time to get in shape!  Just because youre thin, does NOT mean that youre fit! Anyone who really knows me, knows about my exercise routine. Ha!!  Well Im not getting any younger so here goes it!

And THIS FOLKS is the TRUE KEY to our survival :)  Hee Hee   
This is how we survive make lunches, at nite! Haaaaaa!


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