Ashlee & Austin's Birthday

Well, I did it again :(
I guess twice in 10 years isn't so bad but...... I lost another camera card :(
Last time I told you that I lost it, I was lucky enough to find it but this time is not looking good.  I'm usually veryyyyyy careful with them because they have my life on them. I blame the kids. Id bet money one of these crazy boys swiped it from my desk. Alas, I don't have it. 
This update is very, very late because I was hoping I would find it but I'm just going to have to skip Austin & Ashlee's birthdays, for now.  I have a few pics from my phone that I saved. I can share those and ::fingers crossed:: I find the rest.
We celebrated their birthdays together, this year. Ashlee turned 8 and Austin turned 3!! Can you believe it? Austin still tells everyone that hes 8 and Ashlee is 3, ha!
We partied, Trolls Style!, at the gym.  Ashlee's favorite place in the world.  2 dozen kiddos, lots of friends and family and buckets of LOVE.  A perfect day.  Tremendous thanks to everyone who came to shower our babes with love and laughter.

Dear Austin,
How is it even possible that you are already 3 years old? It feels like just yesterday I was writing a letter to you on your 2nd and 1st birthdays.  A minute ago we were celebrating your 1st steps and now? You're totally fearless.  You love to hang upside down with Daddy, the fastest rides are your favorite, you're always doing things that make me nervous, on purpose. You push all my boundaries, a total BOY!   Your favorite activity is swimming!  You always bring me "baby soups" (bathing suit), and ask me to put them on you so you can go.  Sometimes I ask you 10 times what you need to wear to go swimming just so I can hear you say Baby Soups over, and over! HA!  I hope you say it forever!  
There isn't much you don't love doing.  Except napping but you still always lay right down.  Your favorite game is tag and you LOVE to be outside.
I often joke that you're my favorite. You're soooo chill!  Your little brother is a bit of maintenance still, and your sisters..... oy! the drama. You are just right! Ha!  You love to snuggle with me and you give me the best sugar whenever I want.  I could squeeze you!
Watching you with your sisters is my greatest joy!  You love them with your whole heart and even when you're clearly bothering them, you never break stride. Now that Tyler is older,  you guys wrestle all the time.  I never thought I would be watching my own BOYS! rolling around the floor. I still feel like such a girl mom but you boys keep me busy.  I hope you all always stay close.
Seeing you grow into this well-mannered, kind hearted person, making friends, your own jokes (You're a very funny boy!), your own laugh, you have a great imagination and ambition to do EVERYTHING yourself, warms my soul.  You get SO excited over the simplest, everyday things.  
I'm grateful everyday of my life for you and cant wait to see what life has in store for you!

Love you,

To my Ashlee Bree Bree,
I truly cant believe how fast these 8 years have flown by.  I remember when I brought you home, wondering how I would ever juggle life with 2 babies and here we are with 4!!  You are such an excellent sister, daughter, and friend.  You love and adore your sister and brothers. Always the little mom.  You would give them the last of anything, just to make them happy, even if you really wanted it. I love how big your heart is and how you always go the extra mile.   You see the best in everything and believe the good in everyone.  The world is going to knock you around, the day you realize the unkindness and cruelty within it will break my heart. I want to keep you in that bubble of yours forever but if it should ever pop, I will be there. I will pick you up and heal your heart.
Back when you were teensy, I could never have imagined the young, beautiful girl my baby would grow into.  You have surprised me at every step and we continue to learn and grow together.  You are so like me and also so different from me, at the same time.  Our differences teach me and help me grow as your Mom.  I know we don't always agree but I hope we can continue to compromise and find a happy middle.  To me, you are perfect. Even on the days we are mad at each other, and I know there will be plenty more of these over the coming years but I never want you to forget that. I promise that no matter what the years throw at us, I will always love you.  Nothing you ever do or say will every change my love for you. Its everlasting.
I hope all your dreams come true this year, my sweet!!
Happy 8th Birthday <3 p="">
<3 p="">

Spring Celebrations!

Easter was just us this year! Very chill and awesome!
We colored eggs, hid eggs, opened baskets, smashed eggs, barbequed, swam and enjoyed the family time.  The girls are pretty old for traditional egg hunts so I had to step it up a notch.  I planned an scavanger egg hunt for them, to make it more fun!  We hid eggs in places with clues (funny riddles to solve) that would lead them to the next one and they got a prize at the last egg.   It was super fun to watch them work together, solve the clues and find the eggs.  Definitely a hit! Maybe a new tradition!







Visits from the Grands are always the best!  Love watching them love all over our babes!
Do you see Poppi in the pool? Thats the 1st time in years! Makes my heart smile.


Our community built a splash pad that the kids LOVE.




This sweet boy hammin' it up at the Docta!!


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