Spring Celebrations!

Easter was just us this year! Very chill and awesome!
We colored eggs, hid eggs, opened baskets, smashed eggs, barbequed, swam and enjoyed the family time.  The girls are pretty old for traditional egg hunts so I had to step it up a notch.  I planned an scavanger egg hunt for them, to make it more fun!  We hid eggs in places with clues (funny riddles to solve) that would lead them to the next one and they got a prize at the last egg.   It was super fun to watch them work together, solve the clues and find the eggs.  Definitely a hit! Maybe a new tradition!







Visits from the Grands are always the best!  Love watching them love all over our babes!
Do you see Poppi in the pool? Thats the 1st time in years! Makes my heart smile.


Our community built a splash pad that the kids LOVE.




This sweet boy hammin' it up at the Docta!!


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My Peeps!

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