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Well, its already March 15th.  (Ive come on here and updated this date 6 times, HA!!!)
Last time I posted, I was complaining that people were rushing Christmas when it wasnt even time for Thanksgiving and in the blink of an eye, we're already 3 mos into the new year! BAM!!
Thats literally how fast life feels like its moving these days. Crazy.  This might be the longest Ive gone without posting and I have soooo much to share.  I kept waiting for time to fit it all in but I think Im just going to have to do it in parts.  Otherwise, it may very well just never happen! HA!
My previous post was Tylers birthday so that would put me at..... Thanksgiving?! Whoops.

We hosted Thanksgiving and had a wonderful day with family.  This time, I prepped a lot of dishes ahead so it really made for a stress free holiday.  Cant have too many of those!  We are/were blessed to be able to share these times with our family.  Thanksgiving is a special holiday when family and friends gather to reflect and count all their blessings. I have so many and we are so grateful.  We hope everyone had a wonderful, quality Thanksgiving with the ones you hold dearest.
Here are some videos of the kiddos being silly!
Video of Ashlee being silly w Baton
Austin at the dentist
Pink boogers!
Austin loves YOU!
Austin silly car ride



Our Annual Holiday Gingerbread Party is one of our favorite holiday traditions!! This was our 6th? year and oh! so fun!!  The kids all have so much fun making and decorating their houses.  Its nice to see all our friends and celebrate a season thats always SO busy with a little R&R, laughs & good times!

Baking for the holidays with this crazy crew!   Holiday baking nite is something we look forward to every year.  Its fun, its relaxing and hello! the samples!!!! Ha!!

I got a hall pass to go see Dolly!!!!!!!!!!!! Bucket List!!  She was amazing and spending time with friends is always FUN!

Celebrating another anniversary with this guy!! We are so lucky.  If someone would have told me, 10 years ago, we'd be here. with 4 kids. and this much love (and gray hair)....Id have said you were nuts.
We have walked through so much together and I cant believe how fast the time has passed.  These years have been so extremely full. We've laughed til we cried. We've fought and forgiven. We've loved unconditionally.  Now that our family is complete, we're excited for the next phase of life! BRING IT ON!

Winterfest Concert at school!  Tons of fun and games. Girls each perform a few songs with their classes and then its carnival booths and shenanigans!  Precious moments.
Madison Performance
Madison Performance
Ashlee Performance
Ashlee Snowboarding
Madson Snowboarding





Buying and wrapping toys for our Annual Holiday Toy Drive. This is always a highlight of the holiday season. So blessed to be able to help and bring joy to so many kids!  This is a wonderful thing for our kids to be involved in.



Celebrating special friends birthdays is always fun and a great excuse for Mommy-Daddy time!


So we havent taken family pics since Austin was 4mos old so I decided, now that our family is complete, we should maybe give it a whirl and hope for a good holiday card pic.
Well.... few things. (HA!).. See Austin's stank face?? His, "Im not participating for all the lollipops in all the world" face? YES! He was not interested. The lady I hired (someone new) was terrible... it was 3000 degrees outside....and the list goes on.  These are the ones we ended up with.  1 or 2 family pics are ok and the rest..eh.  We'll have to try again another time when Im feeling INSANE. HA!






Kaitlyn was in town for the weekend so we stole her for the day and headed to hang with the animals! Flamingo Gardens with all family & great friends was the perfect day!  We hand fed flamingos which was definitely a highlight for all the kids, learned about endangered animals and explored the whole park. Kaitlyn was like our own personal tour guide!
After a day out, the girls decided it wasnt enough time so we begged her to stay for a movie nite!

Hand feeding the Flamingos





No landscaping for awhile means we got LOTS AND LOTS of dandelions! Ha!!
andddddd the girls had their bangs cut!!!! They look so much older, I cant stand it!

Maniacs on the loose at the market!!!


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