Christmas..Past! HA!

Our Annual Holiday Disney trip was fantastic!  We were joined by Titi, and Jay's folks, Mima & Poppi and had so much fun!!  We even ran into a few friends which was a real treat!  Jason always stretches our trip out for a week so theres no rushing. We take our time, see all the shows we want, ride all the rides we want, sleep in on the days we want, eat all the awesome food we want, and Mommy doesnt have to scream to get anywhere, or do anything! Its spectacular!
The girls are tall enough to ride just about everything, and they did. Like 50 times!
We danced with street parties, watched fabulous shows and wasted the days away! Mima & Poppi even watched the boys a few nites so we could take the girls out and show them that Mom & Dad can still get down! Ha!  Love, love, love these crazy times with this circus!










May as well squeeze in all the holiday fun.  This post is already this long. Why not! Cheese :)
Our Elf Buddy was a bit delayed this year since we were away but he made up for it by bringing back a sweet friend! Yep.. Now we have 2 elves. The girls have a girl elf and they named her, MintyCake! Here are some pics of them stirring up trouble this holiday season!


We even made it to see SANTA!!!  We were joined by some special friends and its always a fun evening!

I hosted my 3rd Annual Holiday Wine & Movie Nite! this is always a fun nite!  Staying in, with your friends, eatign great food, so many laughs, in your PJs.... Its the BEST!
We were missing a few lovelies, but still, a great nite!
...Time and good friends are tow things that become more valuable the older you get. - Someone LOL

We had a fantastic Christmas.  It was simple and stress free and full of family, food, and FUN! Thats all we needed.   We hosted Christmas at our home, exchanged gifts with loved ones and chowed on an Italian feast! Couldnt ask for me.  The kids are just getting SO big.
Tyler was walking around that tree this year, Austin was barking orders at his sisters and the girls could hardly contain their excitement over everything!  Simple really was the best way to describe our holiday this year. No crazy gifts, no frills, no insane- all nite set up's (thank god), just back to basics.  Glorious.   Poor Boys. Ive used up all my frills! Haaa!!


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