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I hold many titles, but my two favorites are Mom & Wife! Jay and I have known each other for almost half our lives and have been together for 9 years. Life has taken us to many places and I'm sure we have many more to go. I'm the proud Mom of 2 crazy, little girls and 2 handsome boys. This blog is about us. The good moments, the bad ones, the crazy ones and the amazing ones. 

I invest in this blog not only because I love weaving words and images together to tell a story, but because, in doing so, I find myself looking more deeply for the beauty in life and consequently, finding it in more places.

I’m a real estate investor and stay at home Mom, by day. I enjoy taking pictures of my family and writing, not to mention wading in a huge pool of other interests--many of which I pretend I'm good at. I love, in no particular order, family Sundays, baking with my girls, wearing really cute shoes, playing with make-up, cooking, coffee dates with my friends, outdoor outings, finding amazing golden light, planning birthday parties, anything crafty and dreaming of the many places I'd like to take my family. 
I think there are millions of amazing people on this planet and I love knowing that inspiration goes both ways. I hope to inspire and if I do, it is only because I draw from others who are far more fantastic than me. 

Our girls amaze us every day. Each age with them has been my favorite. Currently they keep us laughing with the cah-razy things that come out of their mouths. THEY NEVER STOP TALKING. We Love them to pieces and do not know what we would do without them.

Our boys are beyond measure, the sweetest boys you could meet! Their giggles are infectious and its all we can do not to swallow them WHOLE!

Jason is an extremely hard worker, a lover of sports memorabilia and anything outdoors...he LOVES to fish, always pushes our family to take new adventures and most importantly, a most fabulous father and hubby!!

This is our family. This is our life!

Our Life


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