Vacation!! Vacation!!

Well our big lake vacation has already come and quick, so fast.... and barely a tan to show for it!! HA!!! We went to the lake for 10 glorious days and had a BLAST!! It was soooo much better than last year with a newborn! Phew!

The kids had so much fun in the water, in the pool, in the room, coloring with Aunt Linda, hanging out with Nana, swimming with Anthony, etc. We couldn't have asked for more. We had AMAZING weather (plus a few degrees), no rain and TONS of fun!! Its a trip we look forward to and doesn't last long enough :)
Madison is getting to be an excellent "swimmer". She does great with her floaties! Jumps in by herself, swims around all over, even in the deep end!
Ashlee is still a little too small for floaties but still had fun in her big float!! This vacation is especially nice because the whole family goes and they get to spend SO much time with the kids, everyday! It's nice to relax with nothing to do but veg out and watch the kids play with all their friends, cousins, Aunts and Uncles that they dont always get to see!
The girls are doing soo well and getting soo big! I know I say it every time I update, but they are really just growing and growing everyday!!
Madison is a little motor mouth; She speaks in complete sentences, names all her letters and the sounds they make (even out of order). She knows all her shapes and can count to 15!! She correctly identifies all her emotions and has NO PROBLEM letting us know when she's happy, sad OR MAD!!! She'll even tell you "I Happy now" after saying she was upset/sad about something! Its hysterical!!!

I always say here's a picture overload, so here's another one :)
Some highlights from our trip :)

Silly Girl!!

Just an afternoon stroll..........

Haivng fun with Mom & Dad :)

We went for a boat ride with Uncle Jordi and she LOOOVED it...
She wanted to go "Supa-Fast"!!

Dorito Face!

Pulling Anthony on the Tubes!
Would you believe she FELL ASLEEP!!!

A big jump for Anthony!!

Going, Going...


Our Family <3

Daddy was throwing the girls around show much, he had to show Anthony
that Uncle J still had the moves!!!


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