Fevers, Tantrums & F-U-N!!!

Well with all this WONDERFUL weather we've been having, its kept us pretty much home bound! Ashlee is getting chunkier everyday and Madison is testing new "limits" everyday! She is still pretty obedient but if shes sick or tired the tantrums come out in FULL FORCE!!! YAY!! We got her a new baby stroller to push around and after convincing her it wasnt for HER to sit in, I think she likes it just fine :) Madison is a HUGE shoe fan! She loves to carry them, wear them, fall on them, whatever! If she cant get them to go on her feet though...WATCH OUT! She is taking more of a liking to Ashlee everyday. She will bring me her pacifier or a diaper, etc. A Great helper! Ashlee is more on a "schedule" now so it makes things a lot easier with 2! Here are some pics hanging at home and some videos you may have missed. Now I'm the Mommy!! Mama & Ashlee I only LOOK innocent! TWINS! Miss. Ashlee Did you want a calm, all smiles family pic?? HA HA HA We're ready to swim Mom! CheeseBALL!!!!


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