Happy Independence Day!!!

Hey there! Sorry this post is a little late, we've been VERY busy! Ashlee is 2 mos old already! We cant hardly believe it. She weighs about 11 lbs and is 22" long!! We were all sick for about a week but thankfully all is well now :) Ashlee is on a better schedule now is sleeping O.K.! We just moved her to her own bed in her own room so that might help! Madison is learning new things every day, inlcuding aniaal sounds and colors.. She just does the funniest things and is soo animated! She LOVES to hide and be found and she LOVES to be chased. She's just such a joy! I cant believe how big they both are getting so fast. Madison will be 2 years old in 4 short months!! She's VERY independent and likes to do things herself! Ashlee is pretty mellow and is starting be awake a bigger portion of the day, Madison loves to hold her hand when she cries. Hope everyone has a terrific holiday weekend and BE SAFE!! Here are some pics from our month! Pretty Girl :) Best friends! Ashlee gets bored quick on most of our outings! Say CHEEEESE! Madison's FAVORITE chair! (thats her Fav. chair face) The wheels on the bus go round and round.. Tea party for 2 please! Madison's Favorite place...The Park!! Weeeeeeeee!


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