Never a dull moment...

Hope everyone had a TERRIFIC 4th of July!! We had a fun-packed weekend! We took the girls to Jump & Gym where they got to watch a puppet show (SO CUTE!) and climb, bounce and crawl on all the fun toys! Pop invited us over to swim and BBQ. Madison had a BLAST swimming with her Grandpa and did NOT want to get out! She is a HUGE FAN of the "on the stairs, off the stairs" pool game! :) Mommy? Not so much! Bank Atlantic Center had a wonderful firework display with a live band so we marched the kids (in their matching outfits) over there to meet Nana (My Mom)& her friends! Madison LOVED the fireworks! We told her "Oh Wow!" a few times and it was "OH WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWW!" ALL. NITE. LONG! She was sooo cute! Thankfully, not scared at all! Grannie & Pop Came to visit..CHEEESE! We have a SMILEY BABY!!! Pop LOVES to swim with me...Or Stair Jump as I like to call it! Ready for 4th of July FUN! Yes I CAN put all these pretzels in my mouth!! WATCH!! Im ready too Mom!!! SO PRETTY!!! Daddy & his Girls! Looks like she's been CAUGHT! Im, to sexy for these stairs!! Cause Im a SUPERMODEL!!! Ohhhhh.....WOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWW!


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