We just came home from our Annual Week long Lake Placid Trip! It was probably our best year yet but you CANT IMAGINE HOW MUCH CRAP we had to bring for these 2 little girls!!! Oh my gosh! Pack N Plays, high chairs, bounce chairs, blankets, monitors, bathtub, the list just goes on and on!! More of our family came this year including Mima, Poppi, Anthony, Kate, Jen, Andrew, Nana, Uncle Jordi, Shaina, Aunt Linda, Uncle Tom & Melissa!! Madison had such a good time playing in the sand, lake and pool! Ashlee didn't have as much fun as everyone else, she was not able to stay outside very long but she did make a few cameo's! Next year will be her year! LOL I think she preferred the A/C anyway :) We played games at nite and sun bathed and played all day! Madison went on her very first wave runner ride! I was a little nervous she might freak out but she did awesome and didnt cry once! Of course, Daddy went very slow! Next year....THE TUBES!!! LOL It was a terrific trip and VERY relaxing! Just what Mommy needed :) P.S. If you didnt get to see the pro pics we took before we left or want to order your own, I uploaded them to Walgreens, here is the link! (I do have pics to give out, but I only have 4 poses, this is all 165 poses) 2-4-1 Special Splish-Splash! This is as far as she could go :) Wanna play ball? Give me the sketti's and no one gets hurt!! Mima, Mommy & Ashlee Pretty Girl!! Too much sun = THIS during lunch time! Daaaaaaaaad!!! The fishies are biting my BUTT!!! It's 5 O'Clock somewhere! Sexy Mama's! Let's GO! I love you sooooo much-much-much-much! Madison's 1st wave runner ride!! Just a pose, DONT FREAK OUT! Group Shot!


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