Swimming, Sass & Spit Up!!!

It has been a crazy, busy summer!! We took the kids to Castaway Island and TY Park and Madison had a BALL!! She LOVES to splash and swim! Its a fairly big place, decent enough to entertain her for hours! Home has been pretty mellow, molding our regular routine as the days pass by. Madison's new favorite game is Duck, Duck, Goose, although I have NO IDEA where she learned or saw it being played. She just goes nuts and walks around in circles around you saying "Uck, Uck, Uck, Uck, Uck", then she FREAKS OUT in laughter when you say "GOOSE!" and run after her! Its truly ADORABLE!! She's also got this new "eye roll" thing going on when things arent going her way. Its more of a long blink than an actual eye roll but hilarious all the same! Ashlee is sleeping through the night most nights, about 830pm-7/8am...which is AWESOME and long awaited :) Mommy is thrilled to say the LEAST! She is SO full of smiles all the time and just a great, content little girl. We are having SOOOO much fun with our little girls and watching them grow and change everyday is such a pleasure! Sisters!!! Smiley Ashlee! I'LL BE BACK!! XOXOXOXOXO Peek A Boo Mommy!!! I SEE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! Dad!!!!!!!!!! It's squirting me! We got our Hater Blockers on Mom!! Ready to Play!! I NEED to show her how Mom! A KISS for all my Fans!! XXXX


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