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Well Summer is officially over I think, and fall has begun. Although, living in South Florida we're not too much into having "seasons"! HA HA.... The girls are getting SOOOOO BIG! You wouldn't think since I see them everyday that I would notice the changes, but I really do, everyday! Especially at this age with Madison, she's learning new words and sounds..Repeating everything you say and do. She is really into TESTING her limits and will look back at you after she's done something she KNOWS is wrong, like "What are you going to do about it?" or "Was that ok?"....Its all you can do not to laugh because she makes the FUNNIEST faces that just make your heart melt! She has a mirror in her room that's across from her crib and she'll stand in her bed for hours just making faces at herself. I remember my mom used to tell me my face would get stuck like that if I didn't stop, I even heard myself using that line on her! :) Ashlee is still sleeping through the nite which is soo nice. We had her 4 mos check up and the doc said she was doing GREAT! She is in the 50th percentile for weight at a whopping 14.6lbs! and 51% for height at 24" long! We got the go ahead for solid foods so I'm sure there's some hilarious pics in her future! This kid is just a bucket of smiles! Daddy even told her the other nite that her cheeks must hurt, all the smiling she does. We are so blessed! We've been keeping busy. Uncle Jordi came with me and the girls to TY Parks Splash Zone and we had the best time! Madison is SUCH a water baby and just has a ball! We've had a few birthday parties and playdates and LOTS of sillytime at home! Hope you enjoy our updates!! xoxoxoxo She Shoots..... She SCORES!!!! Silly! Silly! Birthday Party fun with ELMO!! So Smiley!! Madison's 1st time holding Ashlee!! First time she would actually sit and hold her! A kiss for her sister! XOXOXOXO Playdate FUN!!! I did NOT teach her that!! LOL XOXOXOXOXO Splishing & Splashing with Uncle Jordi!

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