Halloween Extravaganzaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Halloween weekend was more like a TORNADO of stress, I mean FUN!! Ha!!  It started Friday afternoon I had a design order to finish for a birthday party, followed by Miami Seaquarium Monster Splash at 4pm.  Saturday we carved our Pumpkin during the day and had a birthday party in the afternoon.  After our birthday party we went BACK to the seaquarium because Anthony wasnt able to go on Friday.  On Sunday, we woke up and I made the girls some orange & black pumpkin/BIRTHDAY! pancakes.  We played all day and then went trick or treating ALL.NITE.LONG!!!   Im tired just typing that!
The girls had SUCH a ball and collected BUCKETS of candy!  Our big girl Madison turned 3 years old, officially!  Isnt there a way I could freeze time??
Hope everyone had a nice, safe holiday!

Celebrating @ the Seaquarium!!

Meeting Aladdin!


Bouncing her way through the obstacle course!

Madison made some friends, her size!  YIKES!!

Madison mustered up the courage for the "Hampster Ball" ride...

More skeleton friends~

A spooky carriage ride



My 2 BIG girls!!!

Win us a BIG ONE Dad!!!

Carving our pumpkin..Mmm Pumpkin GUTS!!!

3 pumpkins!

Wassssssssssaaaaapppppppppp!!! (in my best frog voice)

My little pumpkin face is 3 YEARS OLD!!!!!   ::tear::

Happy Birthday Madison Riley!!!
Enjoy your birthday pancakes!!!!

Daddy is soooo SILLY!!!

Mmmm, we <3 these Mom!!

Birthday cupcakes with chocolate Spiderwebs!
Make a wish PRINCESS!!

Hmmm what will I wish??

A halloween lunch!

Time for treating!!!
Greetings from the Hoedown Crew!!


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