Happy, Happy NEW YEAR!!!

Hope everyone's new year is beginning wonderfully! We are off to a relaxing start. We've really been laying low, not too much going on. Mommy is really enjoying it after all the scrambling we ended the year with.
Mommy & Daddy rung in the New Year with Jen & Andrew and had a TON of fun!! We took the girls to the seaquarium just in time to catch the holiday lights before the New Year came and they loved it. Any chance to see the animals and they are ON BOARD! Not a whole lot going on other than that.
Madison is just growing up SO much, everyday! I tell Jason all.the.time she went from 2 to teenager! She is so smart and witty! She thinks of the funniest, most craziest things to say and she always has us laughing.
Ashlee is her little copycat. Whatever Madison is doing, she is RIGHT beside her. If Madison is done eating, she will stop. She wants the toys that Madison is playing with and all that goes with it.
My favorite part is that they are the VERY best of friends. They play together and its just the CUTEST thing to watch! Seriously, I MELT!!
Madison is SUCH a little "Mommy" to her and Ashlee doesnt mind a bit!
I hope they ALWAYS stay besties for LIFE!!


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