Layin' LOW.....

It has been pretty quiet in the Moran House!!  Just hanging out at home..playing around and being silly.  I was sick for almost 2 wks with a cold I just could.not.shake!  Thank god that is over and fingers crossed, (and this could be a record), no one else in the house had it but me! Woot!!
I imagine our biggest news is that our Princess Madison is finally POTTY TRAINED!!!!!!!! Mommy is sooo happy!  She LOVES to "go" and has been "going" way more than necessary so hopefully the novelty will wear off soon...Its been like 3 wks already and its still "a blast"!! HA!
Jason & Poppi took the girls to Flamingo Gardens last week.  They had so much fun, as always.  The girls LOVE seeing all the animals and feeding the birds.  I imagine it was a fun Father- Son- Granddaughter day :)
Hope everyone is healthy and happy!

Playing around with Mommys camera!

 Silly Girls being silly!!

My girls LOOOOVE to "help" Cook!!  I cant even take out a bowl without 2 girlies SCREAMING to "mix" something!


 This is what Ashlee does when she needs to be changed.
She'll even go get a diaper and the wipe box!  Hmmm, maybe I should train her too! LOL
Riding bikes outside...."I cant ride backwards Dad!"


YEAH FOR POTTY TRAINING! Its soooo much fun right? lol
You do actually get a pay raise! :)
You should start with Ashlee...the younger one learns MUCH quicker! :)

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