Hey ALL!!! Hope everyone had a GREAT 4th of July! We went to a big BBQ with tons of games and kids. Madison & Ashlee loved every minute until Madison heard the first firework and she was on my hip for the remainder of the evening. Before that, we made parade floats, had a parade, blew bubbles, frisbee's and ate TONS of JUNK! Unfortunately, my computer decided to ATTACK ME and I lost all of our pics from that day!! ::WAHHHHHH!!!::
For those of you who know me at all, know thats pretty big time devastation round' these parts! LOL
Well, I didnt have time to mourn long because I had to pack my family for our summer lake vacation! We spent 10 glorious days in Lake Placid with the family and it was HEAVEN!! Sooo relaxing. Gene came to join us for an afternoon with his wife and kids; so that was a treat. Nana and Uncle Jordi also came for some lake fun! This might have been our most fun year yet. The girls are older and more independent. We skipped naps this year and stayed out most days. Madison & Ashlee rode their first tube ride (the Hot Dog) and could.not.get.enough!
Mommy & Daddy kicked back and relaxed while the kiddos played with all their friends. It was awesome and they're already talking about next year! "We wanna go live in the little houses" HA!
The girls have been playing SO well together lately and they have the FUNNIEST conversations you have ever heard! Madison is still testing the "waters" every chance she gets and Ashlee is listening to EVERY.SINGLE.WORD! (God help me!) Here are a few recent GEM's!!

Me: Madison, go get in your chair.
Her: I cant! Can you carry me?
Me: Im making lunch; go sit like a big girl..Ashlee's in her chair... Arent you a big girl???
Her: ::Arms folded:: No Im NOT a big girl, ::screaming:: IM A PRINCESS!!!!!
(see what happens when you instill self esteem???? RIGHT back in yo face!!!)

(All screaming)
Madison: Ashlee!!! You got poop!!
Ashlee: No I not!!
Madison: Yes you do, I SMELL IT!!!!
Ashlee: NO...I...NOT!!!
Madison: (Pointing finger) Ashlee GO SEE MY MOM! DO YOU HEAR ME???

(Scene is lotion all over the floor, Courtesy of Madison)
Me: This is why I tell you, you cant play w. lotion by yourself, you need to ask Mom or Dad..
Madison: (tapping her finger on her lip) Well....how bout' I just ask myself??
Me: ::Slaps forehead::
Kick, Kick, Kick...Paddle, Paddle, Paddle
My Boys!
Best Friends!
The Savior vs. The Destroyer! (HA HA HA)
Aww Look, she's shy!! (PSH!!)
Building castles!
Daddy is POOPED!!!
Pretty Girl!

Family Pool Pic!!! All smiles...impressive!!
Some of the lake kiddo's!
Best Pals!

My Pretty!
Going on our tube ride!!!
The REAL lake BEAUTIES!!!!
Soo refreshing!!

Can you BELIEVE Ashlee fell asleep for the whole ride??? Yup!! JUST LIKE YOU SEE HER!
The Moran Clan!!


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