Good Times!!

Hey everyone! Hope all is well. Kids are HUGE, I got a lot of pics so lets just get to it :) xoxoxoxoxox

Dinner on the Beach is one of our favorite things to do!!
Cheeeeese Balls!!!
This might be the girls favorite Daddy trick!!
Luckily for me, they know I cant do that ;)

More crazy spinning time on the boardwalk.

Daddy's best girls

My little DIVA!


Gotta keep it in the family :)

Madison's Dance Camp outfits!!!

Wild~Funky Day!!! I was almost embarrassed just walking her thru the parking lot when we got there ::hangs head::


Pink Lemonade Day (All pink and yellow)

On the road again....
We took a trip to visit Melissa in her new house in Ft. Myers Beach!!! It was sooo much fun and the kids had an absolute blast "investigating" the area!

Mommy wasnt AS comfortable! LOL
(Talk about wanting to cut your ears off!)

Reunited and it feels so good.... LOL
They started kissing RIGHT after I took this... ;)
Best Pals!
Touching ALL Aunt Linda's things on our super fun ROAD TRIP!!

Who needs a bib when Mama has a kitchen towel??

SOOO BUSTED!!!! She found the poison!! LOLL

Hi Mama!!!


Architects at work!!
Mom!!! Look what I found!!!
Eating at one of our favorites, Mimi's cafe!!! SOO DELISH!!
Pool time fun before we headed back home :)


Aunt Linda has style in her Gator hat! At least someone in the family knows whats up!

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