Birthdays, Vaca's, Recital's & Mother's Day...OH MY!!!

Hidy Ho!
Sry this update is SO late! Our little baby, Ashlee Bree turned 3 years old!! Can you believe it? I could just cry! Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! She is growing into such a little lady! her and Madison are INSEPARABLE! I could just eat them up! We stayed pretty low key this year with Ashlee's birthday and just had some family and friends over the house for a small party! A PURPLE PARTY OF COURSE! What else? Her only request was we all be in purple with purple cake and purple decorations. We were so grateful for everyone that came to celebrate our Princess on her special day!

We started out the weekend festivities at the beach of course!

At home on party day for more SUPER DUPER FUN!!!

My 3 crazies!!!!

Nana's Girls! xoxoxo

Ashlee LOVED her big purple birthday cake, with purple filling and purple frosting!


Presents??????????  FOR ME!!!?????  
All of Ashlee's presents were wrapped in purple paper!

Game Time!!

My Precious!

Of course we cant forget that its also Mima's birthday!! We got her favorite ice cream cake and sang her a sweet song :)

We took Ashlee to Ft. Myers for the weekend for their Annual Sand Bash! It was SO MUCH FUN and we LOVE visiting "Mewissa & Carwos"!

Mother's Day weekend was just a BLUR!! LOLL Madison woke up at about midnite on Saturday coooooovered head to toe in HIVES. She was a HOT MESS!! Unfortunately they didnt go away til late Monday, poor sweet thing. She was a trooper and handled it well, it just looked bad! We managed to race from the Doc on Sunday and still make it for our Mother's Day brunch with the family!

My poor sweet girl ;(

Last weekend was Madison's 1st Dance Recital! We are SO proud of her, she did an EXCELLENT job and cant wait for Dance Camp this summer!

Here a few of her Dance Pics!


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