Where do I even begin....

So many things have been happening, I can hardly catch my breath; and I definitely need a SERIOUS nap!
Some of my favorite ladies threw me an incredible Bridal Shower. A HUGE THANK YOU to my Mom, Aunt Linda, Mrs. Connie, Mrs. Teresa, Brittney & Shay!! They all worked so hard and I cant thank you enough. It was a super special day and I loved and appreciated every moment.
Some of my AWESOME decor!

They chose 12 lucky ladies to decorate and bring a bottle of wine for Jay and I to enjoy for ea month anniversary, during our first year!! It will be one sloppy year!! I loooove them! They are all themed for the certain month they got. You guys did a TERRIFIC JOB!!! Cant wait to crack open the first one!! xoxo

My little ladies and I celebrating OUR big day!!!

Nana came over to paint pumpkins with the girls. They LOVE ANY kind of craft projects and were thrilled to paint pumpkins with her. And, of course, they were B-E-A-UTIFUL!
Madison & Ashlee's class both went to the pumpkin patch with their classes. Here is a picture of Ashlee with her class. She just LOOOOOVES going to school!

As we have been moving and settling into the new house there is PLENTY FOR EVERYONE to do!! Even the girls LOVE to help Daddy use those tools! There is SO much to do, WHO KNEW WE HAD SOOO MUCH CRAP STUFF!!  It will definitely take a little longer than I thought to get it all knocked it but whats that saying?? Its never done, right? HA!

The girls school had a fundraiser at Barnes & Noble so we went for spooky stories, trick or treating, arts and crafts & More!!! Here are my 2 little princesses, all dressed up!!!

If ALLLLL that wasnt enough.....OUR BIG GIRL MADISON IS NOW A 5 YR OLD!!!!!!!!!! Can you even believe it?? Where has the time gone?? We are so blessed to have her in our life and so excited to be able to watch her grow into a beautiful young lady. She LOVES to write and is doing very well in school. Her favorite color is still pink and she's a terrific big sister to Ashlee Bree. With all thats going on we decided to have a more concise (i.e. less work for Mommy) party for her at Sparez. Madison LIVES to bowl so it was a perfect match!! A HUGE THANK YOU for everyone who came to share her special day!! You're all very special to us. We LOVE the way YOU LOVE our girls and feel very blessed to have you in their lives! XOXOXOXOXOXO

I had to do a little SOMETHING (because, well, who are we kidding right??) LOLL I made little bowling shirts for all Madison's friends. It was SOOOO cute!! The front pocket had their names on it and the back said "Madison's Bowling Bash"!!

For Halloween we trick or treated in our new neighborhood, which was AWESOME!!! We were soo happy to see the kids get candy from almost every single house and there were a TON of kids out and about! Madison decided she wanted to be Cinderella and since I cant wrestle her into a dress I was a little bit skeptical....I even waited til the last minute to buy it, feeling SURE she'd change her mind but she didnt. So Cinderella it was for Madison and Ashlee?? A purple princess of course!! Since the girls were modeling such royalty, we saw it fit to follow suit as King & Queen.....Introducing the ROYAL FAMILY!!!!

This is the new phase of smiling poses!

For Madison's birthday, we met Aunt Linda for lunch to celebrate and Nana came too!! We had to get a good meal in before the candy binge later on!

The girls were in the pool everyday from the day we moved in!!  Good thing too, because it got cool quickly and now....its over!  HA!!   (Here is a little convo we had about that!)
M: Mom we want to swim today!!!!!
Me: Its winter time now honey so its too cool to swim.
M: Well its not snowing here...
Me: Well it doesnt snow in Florida but it still gets pretty cool.
M: Well, its still sunny....
Me: ((sigh)) Yes its sunny hun, but its still too cold.  It still gets sunny in the Winter too..
M: So....the sun melted all the snow and the ice cream???
Me: Yes!! Exactly!!

((Ha!! Love her!!!))

We spent the day we good friends at our Neighborhood's Harvest Festival! It was super fun and they had TONS of stuff for the kids to do!! ((Please excuse my blue pic, I had it on the wrong setting and never noticed)

Halloween Party w great friends!!

Fun at home!


Fun with the family at the Pumpkin Patch!!
Our Pumpkin Snowman!!!


Daddy's Precious Girl at her school Halloween Party!!
Bobbing for donuts at school!!  HILARIOUS!!!


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