Happy Holidays!!!! (All of them!)

Check me out y'all! I'm finally catching up!! Whoop Whoop!! LOL
Hope everyone had a amaaaaaaaazing holiday season!!  It was quite possibly the busiest year yet!!  With the move and wedding, everything kept getting pushed back and back......and back some more!
Holiday Plays, School Shows, Annual Baking Nite, Mama's Movie & Wine Marathon nite, a Kiddo Sleepover, Visiting Santa, Annual Disney Holiday Trip, & More I'm sure I'm forgetting.  THEN, of course, we wanted to host Christmas in our new home so it made everything a little busier!  Having said all that, we wouldn't have wanted it ANY OTHER WAY!!  It was a great holiday with awesome family time!
Since our ceilings are so high we got an 11' foot tree and it was just gorgeous!  The girls were totally in awe of its size and so was I.  Not sure we'll do that every year but it was a great first year!  Thank you Uncle Jordi for ALL your help!! xo

Sooo Sooo Careful


Family Dinner w our FAVORITE Nephew!! xo

Santa Breakfast!!!

My little Cougar!!

ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Our Family
 Madison & Ashlee had their first holiday show at school. It was super cute and we're so proud of our precious girls.  Sissy love before their Show!
And a little vogue action of course!
Santa sent letters to the girls at our new house!!  He wanted to make sure they knew that HE KNEW we moved because they were a little nervous!!  Thanks Aunt Linda!  They totally FLIPPED!!!!
Visiting the ICE Show in Orlando!!


We were lucky enough to squeeze in our Annual Holiday Disney trip this year! The girls LOVED it (and by "girls", I mean Daddy because he's a ride/thrill fanatic), weather was AWESOME, Lines were short, and I couldn't have asked for better company!
Time for baking nite!!  We made All kinds of special treats for the holidays and the girls LOVED helping out, as alwayssss!
We participated in the Holiday Play! It was super cute.  Madison & Ashlee really got into which was so fun to watch.  They learned a ton of songs and dance moves and rocked the show!! 
We couldnt forget to leave out Santa's cookies or the reindeer's celery!  Yes! Celery because someone ::cough Madison cough:: ate all the carrots.
We had a visitor!!! Those Elves were REALLY busy!
Yep!! Thats Uncle Razz fishing Ashlee's bike OUT of the pool after she rode it IN!  Mmmhmmmm!

For New years we went to a super fun pajama party!  The girls had loads of fun with all the kids and Mommy & Daddy rang in the New Year w special friends and our 2 biggest fans!!  Perfection!


Mary said...

Too cute! Loved your tree.

Looks like y'all had a great holiday season!

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