January FUN!

January has been a slooooooow month, a semi-clear calendar.  In other words, its been....whats that word???  FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We've done a little here, little there, but definitely a nice break from the insanity that was the end of last year.   The girls are just getting SO BIG, its nice to slow down every once in a while. 
We had a conference with Madison's teacher and received a glowing report.  It really made me SO happy.  This is the first year that they have been in school and I really havent gotten much feedback from the teachers, academically or socially.  So this was very special.  She said that Madison exceeded all expectations in all the categories for her age group.  Letters, Numbers, Shapes, etc. etc.  She even said that she could run the whole class, if ever she was absent.  That definitely made me laugh and really sounds like our girl.  Her teacher also said that she was DEFINITELY ready for Kindergarten.  Its all happening SO fast!!!
Are you ready for Ashlee's evaluation?  You wont even believe me!  She is quiet as a mouse, very introverted around the teachers and overall pretty shy.  Ummm who are they talking about? HA!! I even took a double take to be sure she was reading off the correct paper.  I proceeded to tell her that our Ashlee is the LOUDEST, MOST obnoxious kid you could meet but she shot me down.  Mrs. Cori says she is definitely more outgoing on the playground and with the kids but still pretty shy with the adults.   MAN!!! She's got them ALL fooled for sure!  It was surprising to say the least.

The girls had a multi cultural fair at school where they got to dress up and talk about a country of their choice.  Madison's class studied Switzerland and Ashlee's class studied China.  They learned tons about both countries and did a little presentation.  It was super cute.

Making "snow" in Switzerland was a huge hit!!

Practicing with chop sticks!


Every year for the last few years, we have gone down to the Keys for thier Annual Key Largo Stone Crab & Seafood Fest!  Last weekend was perfect weather for a day like this!  We drove down to the Keys and stuffed our faces with as much seafood as we could handle! (Stone Crab, fish dip, cracked conch, conch salad, conch chowder, etc)  The girls love going down there to feed the fish and walk along the water.  Its so peaceful and fun so its always nice to go! 


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