School Celebrations, Bike rides & More!

The girls participated in St. Jude's Children's research Hospital Trike-a-thon!!  It was a MEGA cute event!  Thank you everyone, SO MUCH, for all your donations in making our event a success!  The girls had a BLAST bringing their new bikes to school and showing them off to ALL their friends.

The girls had a Spring/Easter celebration at school! It included egg hunts, dying eggs, craft projects & a visit from the EASTER BUNNY!!!!!  and........guess who they nominated to BE the Bunny?????????  Yep!  It was ME!!!! Ha!!!   Where's my prize???  Hmmmmm??

The girls and their besties!!

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Mima & Poppi came to see the big show!!!

Ashlee has been missing some naps here and there and she's been falling asleep in the craziestttt places!!
Exhibit A...

The girls are still playing softball. Madison is just a natural and Ashlee is a princess with a glove!  Its JUST THE CUUUTEST TO WATCH!! We're really enjoying it and cherishing every moment!!

 HOW CUTE is my little Ashlee Bree!!

 Madison's biggest fans!!

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Anthony's games are right after the girls so we snuck over to say HEY!!!! They LOVE him to pieces!!
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A few weekends ago, we took the girls (and Titi) to the park for bike riding, lunch and FUN IN THE SUN!!

 A titi kiss!

 These are the poses Im still dealing with!
 My little crab hunters!!!

 When you gotta go, you gotta go!!  NOTHING is worse than a park bathroom!
Disclaimer:  The park was about closed and no one was harmed in the making of this photo!

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