Happy February!

I cant believe January is already over and we're half way through February.  Our boy is 9.5 mos old and weighs 22lbs!!  He's eating big kid food, crawling, pulling up on everything, cruising around the furniture, and even babbling.  Now, SOME PEOPLE might think he can say Da-Da, however I disagree!  Its really more of a reflex and I just *know* that Ma-Ma is around the corner.  Yep!   
The girls are more in love with him than ever, and its just amazing to watch them all play!

Doctor Appointments are always fun, fun, fun!

Fun for the playoff's!!  Some friends came over during the playoff to share yummy snacks and scream at the TV! Good Times!


We went to explore the Keys for the day at the Key Largo Seafood Festival!  The girls had SO much FUN!  Ziplining was definitely a highlight for them!  Unfortunately, *WE* thought they would be a LOT more apprehensive and did not expect them to FLY off the platform like they did.  Daddy tried to take a video but its pretty much just of them over us.  That's about how long it took Jason to raise his hand in the air and by then, they were halfway across! HA!


Ashlee's school honored her with an award for her hardwork and dedication.  They pick one student out of each class who displays the traits they are looking for and January was her time!!  She was very excited and we were very proud!  GO ASHLEE BREE!!



 This is what her teacher wrote about our girl!!

We haven't visited the Zoo since right before I delivered Ashlee.  All our previous plans to go have always fallen short.  What better time than the present right?  The girls LOVE animals so its a real treat for them and Austin...well he loves everything!  I would have to say the COOLEST part of the day was feeding the Rhino.  THEY HAND FED A RHINO!!!!  Where else can you do that? Ha! 
I don't think Ive ever been that close to a Rhinoceros before.  It was amazing!





 Look at our nest!! NICE AND FULL!!                         Empty-nester's!  Ha!

Skipping to the car with Uncle Jordi!!

A little Funny from Madison!
((Doing M's Homework - Feet, yards & inches))
Me: Do you know how many feet are in a yard?
M: Umm no?
Me: There are 3 feet in a yard....
M: No theres not Mom.
Me: Yes, hun, trust me. Theres 3 feet in a yard.
M: Mom!!! ::slaps leg:: If I go out and measure our yard right now, it will NOT! be 3 feet! ::eye roll::

Here's one from Ashlee... (I was pulling directions on my phone, in the car)
A: why do you need to pull dirwections? Why cant you just use ya bwain??
It was Chili Time again!!!!  Mima & Poppi were gracious enough to watch the babes and we headed out for a little Mommy/Daddy fun!  Super fun day with awesome friends!

I met up with one of my very best childhood besties, Lea!  It was so awesome to reconnect and catch up with her.  Her little boy is adorable and we cant wait to see them again!!
The girls celebrated their 100th day of school while dressed as 100 year old ladies!  Rollers and ALL!

 A few fun visits with Grandma Ada!!!   The girls love going to her "special house" to hang out!

LOOK AT THIS GIRLS LEGS!!! WHO IS THAT GROWN UP?!?!?!   and look how sweet I busted them on a movie nite!

We had a super successful GARAGE SALE last weekend!  It was long overdue and were finally getting organized! Haaaaaa NOT! 
The girls sold lemonade and even colored pictures to sell for $0.25.  They made $22!!!! 
They stole the show!!


 Dinner with Mima & Poppi!  The girls have dance closer to their neck of the woods, so we sometimes try to get a visit in, if possible!   (please excuse these awful camera phone pics)




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