Happy, Happy New Year!!!!

I always get a little sentimental on New Year’s Eve and as I reflect back on this past year, I realize I still have so much to learn...so much room to grow...and so far to go.
There is not much I can say that everyone else you know or read hasn’t already said about 2015 now upon us. I just wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year! I hope it is filled with love, learning, health, and fulfillment. I hope that you are surrounded by the good that can be in this world and that it is a year of growth and success for each and every one of you.
2014 flew by, I have been told that happens when you have children. I got to spend my year watching my beautiful kids grow and learn.
We’ve already had some exciting and positive things happen this year so if it’s any indication of how 2015 is gonna be, then BRING IT!
Love to you and yours and hope you closed out 2014 with peace and positivity and embrace all that 2015 has to offer!


All the kiddos activities for the evening! 


The morning after!  Pancakes and PJ's!! 

The girls rang in the New Year with HONOR ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
SO proud of our little ladies!


A fun family game nite to celebrate the girls big day!!

A fun day out at the Seafood festival!!!


Running errands with these 2 hunks!!

A day off of school = a day of fun at MONSTER GOLF!!! 
This is one of the girls favorite places to visit!  
They had a dance contest and Madison won 1st place!!


Our big boy is changing so fast!  He went from a beached whale (hee! hee!) to crawling, pulling up and standing in 1 month!!  Its all just too much for me to handle.  He's my baby!  Babies don't crawl!  Babies don't crawl stand up and they certainly don't cruise around the furniture. 
Ive started developing a growth sabotage plan..... to be continued.



 Last day for this tubby boy in the sink!       He couldn't see the TV around the leg of highchair! HA!

 Baby boy LOOOVES the swings, just like his sissy's!!

Here are some cute videos that I hadn't shared yet.  Some are a little older.








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2 hunks running errands? lol. <3

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