March Madness!!!

March and April have been a little INSANE.  All fun things but fullllll calendars!  Birthdays, holidays and SPRING BREAK madness, to be exact!! 

The girls are just about to close out another school year! Can you believe it?  That will bring us to 1st and 2nd grade!!!! 
My little tiny babies who are supposed to look like this...

and now they look like this!

How did this happen so fast?? 
Our little "baby" Austin is weighing in at a whopping 24lbs!  He is a great eater, if you weren't sure.  He LOVES his sissy's and they cant get enough of him either.  He sleeps all nite and naps twice a day.  He babbles all day long.  Standing and "walking" along everything are just a few of his newest tricks.  SOME PEOPLE might say that he is definitely saying Dada, but I still disagree. 
In just a few short weeks he will be turning 1!  I cant even believe it.  I feel like I just held his little tiny tushy in my arms and now, he's just up and turning 1.  It's just rude...... HA!
:::These are the moments I thank God that I'm alive;   These are the moments I'll remember all my life.   I've found all I've waited for;  And I could not ask for more::::  -Sara Evans
The girls were on Spring Break so we tried to take advantage of all their free time!
Man those kids would go non-stop, everyday if I was on board!  We went to the Zoo, the beach, a few pools days, movie date night & more!!    Its definitely nice to have a flexible schedule so we can catch up with friends when all the kids are off school.


Spring Concerts are SO FUN!!!

St. Patrick's Day is always a fun night out!!  This year did not disappoint.

We celebrated birthdays with special friends!

Having fun torturing his sissy's!!  Haaaaa!!

Family movie nites at home are always our FAVORITE!

Pool fun at home!

SOOOO PROUD of our little ladies for making the Principal's Honor Roll!!!  WAY TO GO!!

Mommy & Uncle Jordi celebrated another fun birthday!!! 
We went to dinner to celebrate with Nana, Jerry, Grandpa, Uncle Jordi, Dawn and Titi!  SO FUN!


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