Fun Run, Passover & Easter!!

The girls school hosted their annual Fun Run to benefit Feeding America.  It was quite a success.  Thank you for all your donations and support!  They ran their little hearts out and won adorable prizes.  Austin came with Mom and Dad to cheer on our runners!  WAY TO GO GIRLS!!


We celebrated Nana's Birthday at Dinner!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY NANA!!!!!!!!!!


A Passover celebration at Grandpa's house!!!   We gathered at Grandpa's to celebrate this special holiday as a family.  The kids love any excuse to hang out and cuddle with family.  Dawn and Jordan (cough) prepared most of the meal and we had a fabulous nite having fun and goofing off, as usual.


This is what its ALLLLL about!

 LOOOOOVE Madison holding her nose! LOLLL

Skip It, Skip It!  Fun with Grandpa!!!

Easter was a little different this year.  Mima and Poppi were out of town so we spent Easter with some dear friends.  The girls, of course, planted jellybeans for their Lollipop Garden.  They were very excited to collect their treats in the morning. THANKS EASTER BUNNY!!
We dyed eggs with the neighbors, went to a new church w friends, had an awesome dinner, which I nearly pulverized, went swimming, hunted eggs, dipped chocolate pretzels and even played a traditional Masson Family egg fight!!  Weirdos! Ha!!


Having FUN dying eggs with friends!



 Wouldn't be a party without a "Dani-catastrophe" Ha!!!  Ooops!


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y r u squeezing delicate eggs in ur hands?

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