Catching up....and up..and up!

Catching up...Catching up!  Time sure is flying by.  Seems faster and faster and faster.  I try not to think about it too much because it can be a little overwhelming but when I sit to work on these posts, I find there's just SO MUCH to "catch up".   Sometimes it feels like all we do is "catch up".  Catch up on house work (yuck!), real work, catch up w friends, catch up with family, catch up with groceries (Ha!), catch up on TV shows, catch up on reading (HA!), catch up on laundry, catch up on sleep (my fave!)... you start to wonder if you ever get CAUGHT UP!   I guess as long as you don't have your spouse and kids in those categories then you're still doing OK! Right?    Oh well, here we go!

We took a trip to Orlando and Tampa to visit SeaWorld and Busch Gardens!
Titi accompanied this circus north and we got to meet up with friends that we haven't seen in AWHILE!  It was so nice to spend time together and "catch up!"  Ha!   The kids had a TON of fun and were able to ride a lot of rides for the 1st time so that was a real treat!  This was also our Boys 1st time at a theme park!  I think the girls had been at least twice by the time they were 1!  3rd kid.... Poor thing! HAAA!
He got to ride the carousel, visit lots of animals and see ELMO! at a Live Show!!
It was a banner day!! 


NOW THIS IS HOW YOU PUSH A STROLLER!!!  One for baby and one for Mommy!!  Genius! 








Dinner at Rainforest Café is always a treat for the kids! They think its very cool! This time there was a parrot guy and he did not disappoint!!

Visits with Grandma are always super fun!! We make her some muffins, the girls draw her pictures and cards.  Its always a treat to see her!!  (Not great phone pics!)


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