Babies, Birthdays & Pumpkins!!!

One of the biggest lessons I have learned, being a parent, is that you cant plan everything.  Before I became a parent, I thought Id have two, mayyyyybe three kids and I would space them all out evenly and be done giving birth by a certain age I thought appropriate!  If you would have told me, before I became a parent, that I would have 4 children!, I would have said you were absolutely crazy!  And yet, here we are. Days away from expecting our 4th child.  Our second son. Even just seeing, second son, in print, sounds insane. Two girls, 18m apart and two boys, 18m apart... How could we ever get so lucky?? How could we ever be so blessed??
I completely understand families that call the game and quit while they are ahead.  More babies mean more money, more space, more sleep loss, and more tolls on your poor body.  They mean more demands, more stress and more risks.  No one understands this better than a Mom of multiple kids. However, it also means more love around your table, more good nite kisses, more hugs around the neck, more friends to talk to, more people to take care of and to take care of you.  
I often find myself, amidst the chaos and the exasperation and the mess and the bills, looking at my family and feeling overwhelmed with gratitude that we took these leaps and trusted in what we thought was right for us.  
Dont get me wrong, theres no lack of terror in my mind for what the next few years will bring this already performing circus we call our family.  But theres also plenty of excitement! and faith.  Excitement for our girls who are just beaming to meet this little dude, the caboose of our crew! And faith, faith that whatever comes our way wont be anything compared the love that'll get us through.    I know its going to be great! Its going to be better than great!

We celebrated our Little Man's impending arrival with a ladies brunch!  It was fantastic to sit back and relax, visit with my favorite ladies and catch up on all the little things that life keeps you away from.   Thanks so much for coming to celebrate and laugh with me.  I appreciate you all!!!

Date nite out to watch the U!!!!
Its "Oh so fun!" being Mommy & Daddy, but soooooometimes you have to get out and be Dani & Jason!

Visiting with dear friend Kilene on her whirlwind wkd visit to South Florida! Wish we had more time but still fun catching up!!

Sunday morning snuggles with this crazy crew! Best mornings EVER! xo

Making meatballs with my Top Chef!!

Madison turned 8! EIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8 years ago she made us parents and changed the course of our lives forever!
We celebrated her 8th birthday at Monster Golf! One of her favorite places.  It seemed only fitting for our Halloween baby to celebrate in the spookiest place.  Thank you so much for coming to celebrate with us! We feel incredibly fortunate to have great friends and family surrounding our kiddos!
Happy Birthday sweet girl! xoxo


Our Superhero Family!!







We didnt do much this Halloween season, compared to our usual insanity, but the pumpkin patch was a MUST!  We scooped up Anthony after school and headed over to check it out.
But first..... we must all finish our homework! Ha!

I thought it might be fun to "look back in time" a bit, so here are a few Pumpkin pics from the last few years!!


Time to carve up these bad boys!!



 Anthony was so grossed out! Ha!


Painting pumpkins!


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Love my family. Your all so adorable and photogenic. Miss you much!!

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