It's Fall Y'all!!

Hello there everyone!  Havent "seen" ya in awhile.  Things have been b-u-s-y!  Hope you're doing well and HAVING FUN!
Its been a little over a month since my last update.  We closed out our summer and are staring down the face of Fall!  Well, a Florida lets just call it the season of Pumpkin everything; while still 100 degrees! Shall we?
Lots of stuff going on since our last update.  We wrappped up Summer (so sad!), lots of playdates with friends, summer concerts, a little Mommy/Daddy time, back to school haircuts, BACK TO SCHOOL!!!, anddddd a visit from Auntie Jen & Savannah!!  Its been pretty exciting to say the least!

Here are some videos of the last few wks:
Fake Sleeping:
Dinner FUN:
Silly at the store:
M Gym:
A Gym:

Last week of Dance Camp before school starts!!!

Playing with his new big boy toys!  VROOOOM!!!!!!

Sillytime at home!



Nana came over to give back to school hair cuts!
The girls were very excited to CHOP!! THANKS NANA!!

1st day of school!
Can you even believe our girls are in 1st and 2nd grade?????????????  
They are LOVING their new school and Im SO excited to be so close to home!  
My babies are growing up so fast.  Im so grateful for great teachers who love and nurture my babies when I cant.




Swimming and playing outside in the rain!  What could be more exciting than that?!?

Picking up Aunt Jen & Savannah from the airport was SO adorable!! The girls were very excited to see eachother! I hope we can always keep them close.
We had loads of fun with them.  Even though it was a tad hectic with school starting, we were still able to enjoy lots of memories!  Tons of playtime at the house, the zoo, ice cream dates, movie nites, art projects, and lots of family quality time!


A little grown up time!!



GIRLS NITE!!!!!!!!!!!!   Happy Birthday Dawn xoxoxo

Date nite with my lovie!!

Spa Day fun with Nana!!!  Nana came to surprise the girls with Mani's & Pedi's!!
Definitely one of their fave treats!!



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