Party Time!!

Life with 6 has been insane amaaaaaazing!  Ha!!
There is noise. and crying. and whining. and whining. and whining. and when Ashlee isnt around, theres more chaos. and noise. and craziness!  BUTTTT theres also loads of laughing. and tickling. and joking. and hugging. and kissing. and LOVING!  I wouldnt trade a minute.
Well, lets get real.  Maybe a minute. or an hour. on the beach. alone. with a frozen drink.
I could probably be persuaded to trading a minute for that. Hee Hee.

Tyler is doing amazing!  Better than I could have hoped.  He's meeting his goals and making his Mama proud.  The girls love all over him and are excellent helpers. Even Austin is in love with his little brother.  He is constantly 'petting' him and kissing him.  He puts his cheek to Tylers cheek and smushes on him as long as Ill allow.

We took the boys for their 1st joint doc appt. That was fun!  Not!
Austin weighed in at a whopping 28lbs. for his 18m appt.  He looked great...saying words, pointing to body parts, etc!
Tyler was there for his "2wk check" but we were a little late from our Nicu stay.  He weighed 7.5lbs! Way past his birth weight.  Mama's milk for the win!!  Besides a follow up with his cardiologist, he was sailing right through that appointment!  God is good.

The time for all the kids had come for thier next dental check up!  This was Austin's 1st time and he did not disappoint.  He was a little nervous at first but once they showed him all the neat stuff, he was all about it.  Daddy sat with him so he would feel safe and so Mommy could snap some pics, of course.





I was getting SO MUCH FLACK for Mr. Austin's beautiful hair!
Its too long, they said.  He looks like a girl, they said.  Chop it off, they said.
Well, we didnt cut the girls hair til they were 3! but I guess that doesnt fly with a boy?
I just wanted to see how it would grow, etc.
I reached my limit on all the harrassment, so we decided to go in for the CHOP!  Theres a super cute place not far from our house so we took him there.  They were very patient with him and he was a great sport!!     This hair cut transformed my sweet teeny boy into a full fledged 10 year old!!!
We could hardly recognize him.  It definitely took some getting used to.
Faux Hawk for 1 please!!
We left with a certificate of BIG BOY & BRAVERY and a cute little box that had my sweet boys curls.  ::sob::




Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!
This year we hosted Thanksgiving.  It was a little easier to stay home with Tyler so we decided to have everyone here.  Dawn was generous and volunteered on doing most of the leg work.  She cooked and coordinated a wonderful Thanksgiving!  We have soooo very much to be thankful for this year.  We felt very blessed to spend the holiday with our family and even more fortunate to have our sweet boy home in time!
BIG THANK YOU to Dawn, Shay, Jane & my Mom for all the yumminess!


Anonymous said...

I am so happy that the baby and your self is doing good. Austin looks just like the girls. Dani you are a wounderful mother. you was meant to be a mommie. Jason is as well a awsome father, he is right there hands on board.
You have a beautiful family and I pray that baby boy comtiunes to grow into a beautiful little boy which I know you will see to it that he does.

God Bless

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