Happy Halloween!

Fall is here...well, Florida Fall!  So we do what we can to make it Fall-ish. Ha!
Each year we make our way to the pumpkin patch to see all the pumpkins and pick some out to carve! Tyler's 1st pumpkin patch!  He's getting so big. Anthony joined us and we headed over to play!






Time to carve!!  The girls deliberated for what seemed like a lifetime on what they should carve. Finally we were set and went to work! They carved and played with all the guts while Anthony's stomach turned.  Austin was completely fascinated by this craziness and couldnt get enough.  So fun! Ha!




Painting pumpkins is always a HUGE HIT!  Anything with a mess, really.  Its all this crew needs! Austin was super excited to paint all by himself.



Halloween town fun with friends!  There was a local celebration near by that we went to go check out!  Trunk or treating, halloween contests, dancing, games, and a haunted house!  It was a great nite with awesome friends!



My baby boy, Tyler.  My last little pumpkin!!

All of my babies have been little pumpkins, except for my REAL pumpkin, Madison.  She was only born on Halloween and the following year it wasnt something I had even thought of.  Not until Ashlee came.  At that time Madison was 3.  Getting a 3 yr old to do something they didnt want to was not enjoyable so I skipped it.  All the other kids followed but it always bothered me that I didnt have Madison. Ive asked her the last few yrs but not until we did Tyler, my LAST PUMPKIN, could I convince her to jump in! Ha!!  She's not a baby like the the rest, but this is
wayyyy better if you ask me!  My 9 year old pumpkin! Ha!!

Think this girl would allow this to happen and just watch?? HAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Pre birthday- No school fun!  No school so we headed out for fun with friends!  Make your own spooky pancakes and then bouncing fun at Off The Wall.  The girls friends Mom took them for the day to hang!

Time for Madison's 9th Birthday!!!!!!! 9!
How can she be 9??
Even if Im not ready for her to be 9, she is SUPER READY AND EXCITED!!
We woke up to a normal birthday morning with birthday cake batter pancakes!  One of the girls favorite traditions.  Being Halloween, they were having a Character Parade at school ((because, apparently, I dont have enough costumes to make/get for Halloween)).  Since youre not allowed to celebrate Halloween in school, they do a "character parade" where the kids pick their favorite book and dress up as a character in the story.  Ashlee picked Hazel, from Little Charmers and Madison picked....ummmm ..Junie B Jones? Ugh.. I forgot her name. Ha!  Nana watched the boys so I could go to school and set up their class parties, walk in the parade with them, etc.






Twit o teeeeeeeeet!  or thats what Austin was saying all.nite.long.  He was the cuuuutest thing ever! This was not his first Halloween, but it was his first time walking the whole way with the big kids, all on his own.  He loved running up to each house and even wanted to go inside a few (HA!).
Like the last few years. we went to a friends so all the kids could be together.  They love trick or treating in a big group and its more fun for us, as well. This is always how we end Madison's birthday. What a special day she gets right? We have a boat load of candy, she gets a little song and treat, pizza day and fun, fun, fun!!






For Madison's birthday, she decided she didnt want a traditional party.  She wanted to gather some friends for a "Ladies Day", as she called it.  Taking her friends to a movie and lunch! We gathered at the theater and watched "Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life" and had lunch at Chili's, thereafter.  It was a super, awesome day and my girl had a great birthday!






These are the little treats the girls leave in my phone on a daily basis, it seems.

My Madison Riley, Spooky Lady.
The time has come and we have reached the mid point of us "raising you".   9 years old!!  Sounds SO CRAZY, since I havent aged a day, right?!
These 9 years have truly passed in a blink.  Sadly, I cant imagine the next 9 going any slower.  9 years ago I was holding you in my arms. My first baby.  The sweetest, most precious thing I had ever seen.  You made me a Mom, and for that I am truly grateful.
Ive always loved helping you learn new things and I think we've made a pretty decent team this far.  Now I get to teach you the harder things like learning tricky friendships, talking about boys (ackk!), learning about your growing body...  Youre going to have to hold my hand through all these things,  I hope you always stay true to yourself and your values. Believe in yourself and know that you can do anything.
Each and every day, you amaze me with your curiosity, your joy, your funny jokes, and boundless energy.   You possess a fashion sense that is uniquely you and influenced by no one – not even I can discourage you when you set your mind on an outfit.
You have your share of sadness and frustration, too…frustration when you can’t find the right words that are on your mind, frustration when we don’t “get” what you are asking, frustration when you can’t find the right socks or the right outfit or when there is nothing on the menu that you like and in the “why don’t I like more foods” and the “nobody understands me” moments. And those are ok, as are the tears.  Because from all of it, you are learning who you are. And we are discovering who you are along with you.
You are the girl with the big heart.  The one who loves on her sister and little brothers.  Even at times when they drive you insane, you love them with your whole heart.  You protect and watch over them all and it melts me to my very core.  
Mommy is so proud of you today and I think the world of you. You are becoming a young lady now and I’m proud to be your mommy. I love you to the stars and wish you a happy 9th birthday sweetheart!




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