Bunco & Disney FUN!!

Life moves so fast when youre an adult... faster when you get married.....and seemingly lightning speed once you start having kids.  After having 4, its like whiplash! HA!  Life has been good to us, I cant complain.  The kids are getting SO BIG.  Tyler is turning 1! and Madison is turning 9! See? So fast!  More on that later!
We've been pretty busy as usual.. The girls are doing Baton & Cheer, which they absolutely love. Girl Scouts is also new this year and Soccer should be starting any day now.  Are you tired yet??  ::sigh::
We figure let them get it all out of their system now while theres only 2 that can participate.  When the boys get older, we will have spent all our money and thatll be that :)  4 kids though, That means they can play 4 on 4 Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Football....WIN WIN!  HA!
Austin is the epitomy of ALL the boy stories you hear from your friends.  He is the sweetest and loves to cuddle, but he also jumps off every surface, no matter the height.  He swings from anything he thinks (or doesnt) will hold him.  I cant believe his head is still so nice and round! Ha! Id imagine itd be more bumpy by now.  He is obsessed with his sisters and cuddles his "Baby Ty Ty" like its their last day.  I cant get enough of them and then some days I just want to run away! Ha!  Its a struggle.

So the time came once again for BUNCO!!  Connie puts her heart & soul into this event every year and we always try to make sure its a great success.  This years theme was Save The Coconuts with a Luau! We had all the classic Luau fun and raised money for a terrific cause!  Always a great time!

We surprised the kids with a trip to Disney!!!!!  We had it planned a few mos but didnt tell the kids.  They were super surprised.  We havent been to Disney since before Austin was born.  Maybe our longest time away ever.  Austin is at an age where hes super into the characters so we knew it would be very special for him.  I think Jason was the most excited of all!  We spent a glorious week there, took our time, visited all the Disney parks and even had a character lunch!!  Believe it or not, in all the years we've visited Disney, we've NEVER had a character meal! This was definitely a highlight!
We had tons of fun a long the way...Early mornings and late nites.  The girls and I even left the boys one evening for a girls nite!!  Mama's favorite part!

We even had time to schedule in a visit to SeaWorld!! The kids loved feeding the stingrays and
Ashlee even pet a shark!

The character lunch was awesome! All the characters came to our table.  The kids were able to visit with them, play, get autographs, take pictures, they even danced in a conga line with Goofy!

Here are some videos of recent fun!!









SaviOne said...

Cmon man! Can't you get everyone to look at the camera at the same time?!?! Lol! How an I supposed to steal pics where everyone isn't looking? Hahaha!

Dani said...

Ha! Im working on it!

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