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::Waves:: It's been soooo long :(
I think that if I didnt print these for the kids, I might just stop! HA!  I have so much to catch up on.  Let's see..Its June now...and I just finished the holidays so thatll put me at .... NEW YEARS??
I mean seriously, this is ridiculous right?  Ill try to do better.
I dont even have any cool, witty excuses.  I work at home with 2 babies, 2 dramaaaaaaatic, crazy young girls, 2 puppies and a husband. Need I say more??

 For New Years this year we chilled at home.  We had a picnic dinner, roasted s'mores and family movie nite!  Perfect way to ring in the new year with all my favorite faces.  The time just goes so, so fast. 2017 was its half way gone. Poof!!

We had a longer, cooler winter than normal and it was all we could do to soak up every day.
See them? Soaking? These people!

The girls went to a special friends Neon, Spa, Birthay Party... IN A LIMO!!
Suffice it to say, the highlight of their year!!
They did makeup, hair, nails, fashion show, lunch..the works!!  I took some pics before they left!

We spent a few park days with friends. Austin loooooves going to the park! He never wants to leave and would just stay all day if I let him.  Tyler is getting so big. They are right behind each other, wherever they go.  Sometimes we go in the late afternoon and Jason meets us after work.  They love it when he surprises them!







What does grocery shopping with 4 kids look like, you ask??
  Madison and Ashlee love to help me cook dinner, or anything really.  Future cooks if I play my cards right! ::fingers crossed::

This was the girls 1st year in Baton and they loved it!  We joined a popular South Florida organization and participated in their various events.  Several competitions, local festivals and parades and even.....wait for it..... DISNEY WORLD!!!!   That was huge.  Walking in a Disney parade at this age, is just euphoria. Truly.  It was a great experience and Im so glad they had the opportunity!
Here are a few videos!

 On our way to Disney for their competition and Parade!!  We were really able to take advantage, thanks to some FABULOUS BABYSITTERS who kept our precious boys!  It was nice to spend quality time with the girls and enjoy the things that they enjoy without interruption.






We went to cheer Ashlee on at her schools Olympics!!  She competed in several events, and she was even chosen as the second grade torch runner! That was fun to watch!


A little ladies nite for Mommy, because well... I DESERVE IT! HA!
What do they say??  It makes me a better Mom and Wife? THAT!

I believe I have shared that the girls joined Girl Scouts this year!  It has been an adventure.  Theyve earned loads of badges including campfires, hiking, making new friends, self defense, first aid, cookie badges (of course), fondue (yummm!) and more!! We took a very cool behind the scenes tour of Publix! Into their freezers, the bakery, visiting with lobsters, produce, etc.
Here are some pics of their trips!
Kaitlyn was in town on the weekend of one of their campfires so she joined us for the FUN!  Madison & Ashlee LOVED having her come along!
Here are some videos:



Madison even bridged to Juniors!

Meeting friends for ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Taking pictures before school for Madisons picture day!
Who is this girl and HOW is she turning 10??  My goodness!

The Chili Cookoff came and went! This is a country music festival that Ive been going to since I was a teenager and its always a fun time.  The weather, this year, was extremely unexpected.  It rained almost the whole day (drizzled really), and it was like 50 degrees!  While we enjoyed the cool weather, the drizzling was a drag!  We made the most of it and still had a great time with tons of special friends!





Saturday morning cartoons with this bunch always makes me feel mushy!
We're so lucky to live this life!

We spent a family Valentines at the beach! Pizza and ice cream, on the beach! Whats better??
The girls have never been on the sand at night so it was a real treat. We lay down and counted the stars.  They even made "Sand Angels", which they thought were hysterical!  It was a fun, family night!



Ladies nite to see 50 Shades Darker!! SO funnn catching up and having girl time!
Love these ladies.

Of course this means my little ladies need a girls nite? Apparently.  They had a private painting lesson at a friends house.  Such artists!

Valentine's Day at school! They each made their own card boxes. Madison made a birdhouse type and Ashlee took her a day before so I missed the picture but both were adorable!  Pretty sure this is Madison's last year for the cutesy stuff!

Dr. Seuss' birthday school celebration!  Presenting Ashlee I am!  
Shes a seussical creature, FOR SURE!!

Warmer days ahead, gearing up for school breaks!!
The life, I tell ya!


SaviOne said...

Love my family! Miss you all. Keep those pics coming. They are my joy!

Danielle M said...

Love and miss you sooo much ❤❤❤

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