Well it's been a busy few weeks for Miss. Madison. Grandma's cousin was in from out of town so we went to dinner, and Mommy took Madison on a playdate with her friend Danielle- She had LOADS of fun!! We went to the park to swing on the swings over the weekend and had dinner at Grandma's house too!! Our BIGGEST development is probably the new use of UTENSIL'S!!! We have a pretty good handle on how they work but they do tend to fly to the floor or across the room every now and then! :) Madison is soooo ACTIVE these days, she really keeps us on our toes! You'll be happy to know she is doing MUCH better rocking and kissing the "baby" she plays with..She's growing (too fast) into such a BIG GIRL instead of our little baby girl..sniffle, sniffle! Hope everyone is having a nice week!!
What a face! Family Shot!! MMmmm Chocolate Chip..My Favorite!!! Mom....I dont like corned beef!! Weeeeeeeeeeeee!! Push me HIGHER!!! I got this fork thing down, Mom!! My Fork!!


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