Beaches & Beaches!!!

We had a nice relaxing weekend! Jason surprised me for my birthday with a quick getaway weekend in Daytona Beach!! We packed up the kid on Friday and jetted off! It was a VERY peaceful, slow trip! The weather could have been a little warmer, (Not what we would call swim weather) but the beach was BEAUTIFUL! and we had an awesome view right from our hotel room :) Madison was soo great, seriously on her best behavior. I was a little nervous about the sleeping arrangements (she sleeps alone, in her room, in the dark). Its kind of hard to mimick that in one big room, BUT she surprised us and did VERY WELL!! She had TONS of fun playing on the luggage cart, HIGHLIGHT for her I'm sure! As well as pushing and pulling our cooler from one end of the mini kitchen to the other! We got to walk on the beach, even drive on the beach which was real neat! Are we there yet????????? OK I'll just read this in the meantime! Mom! There's a freakin' bird on the porch!! Mommy & Madison IN THE WIND!! Care to take a stroll on the sand?? This is SOOO HIGH Dad!! How does Dad go Potty AND stick his fingers under the door???? I want to touch them!! LOL I can push this cooler all the way across the room! Mom, I think your shoe's should go here! Oohhh CURTAINS!! I can have fun behind here!! See my hand?? Madison LOVES BEEF-A-RONI!!! and THIS is what it look's like!!


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