Hey There! Ho There!!!

Well we are coming down to the home stretch. I am SOOOO READY to have this kid, just a few more weeks! We took Madison to the Zoo on Sunday...BIG MISTAKE!! I dont know what I was thinking. I guess I thought I could handle it but it was WAY too much walking for me. The 1st half of the day wasnt so bad but by the last few hours, I thought I might collapse! Jason insisted I rent a wheelchair when we got there but I figured no way would I need that...about halfway through the day I almost kicked Madison out of her own stroller! :) Other than that it was a great day!! A few drizzles here and there but all in all the breeze was nice and cool and it was great!! Madison LOVED to see all the animals and she got to walk around the petting zoo to touch some piggies and other animals. We fed fish and looked at all kinds of cool stuff! Here are some pics from our day!! Enjoy!! 2 Hippo's & a Daddy! Mom! My hands are BIGGER! She puts her hand on her mouth when she laughs now! Madison & Mommy! Heck No, I'm NOT touching that!! Sleepy Baby!!! We missed our nap today! Alligator Egg's are COOL! I can SEE YOU!!!! Your funny, Mom!! XOXOXOXOXO Here are the rest :)


Seems like you guys had a great time! Dani you look like your going to pop!!!

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