We had a very special Mother's Day this year!! It was my second Mother's Day with 2 wonderful Daughter's! Jason Surprised me with a very creative project he made with the girls. It was a Garden Stepping Stone with their foot prints, names and decorations! VERY SWEET!!! We had a nice morning Brunch at Brio, in the Pembroke Gardens and came home to hang/play with the little ladies and take some pics!! Madison is starting to take a liking to Ashlee. She "pets" her and gives her kisses. Sometimes she'll walk up to her swing and push it. Other than that it has been smooth sailing so far, I cant complain. A little less sleep and Breastfeeding woes but aside from that, We're all GOOD!!! Hope everyone had a WONDERFUL Mother's Day!!! Madison wanted to give Ashlee a flower she picked!! I think only Madison was ready for this shot!! BFF's!!! Daddy's Girl! Our Family! I see you!!! A SMOOCH for her sister!! Brunch Group Shot! Sexy Ladies!! My Mother's Day Gift!! See the little Footsies??? Uncle Jordi, Nana & Ashlee XOXOXOXOXXO Mommy & the GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!


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