So much PLAYTIME!!

Well the kids are really suffering!  They play during the day, they play on play dates, they play at football games, in the car, at the ice cream shop...You name it and they are laughing and snickering while we're there!  It's a hard life for these two girlies!   Luckily for us we get to watch and enjoy every moment of it with them!  
Anthony started a new season on football so we went to watch his first game.  He scored the 1st TD of the season as well as a 2 pt. conversion!! We are all so proud of him and can't wait to see what the season brings.  Although its thrilling to watch and cheer him on, this has GOT TO BE the HOTTEST summer I can remember.  Its hard not to melt just going to get the mail!! 
We have had a few play dates since my last update and some home time fun.  The girls are growing and just amazing everyday!! Here are some pics from the last few weeks!

Hiding from Mommy in their FORT!

Madison & Ashlee LOOOOOVE to swim! 
2 water babies!
Beauty & the BEAST!! Ha!!
Spaghetti is ALWAYS a fave in our house!
We had a play date at home with our friends Brooke and Jazmyn!
The girls all played soo cute together!
Ashlee and Brooke are 2 weeks apart!  xoxoxo
Its like 2 sets of TWINS!!
Mmm...Madison LOVES Menchies!
Snow Cone fun at our pool party play date!
How can you NOT be in a good mood when you wake
up to THIS??  Umm Ashlee??  What happened to your shirt??
Just in case you missed the CUTENESS!!!!
Getting cool with her Lemon Icy!
Madison is an EXCELLENT share-er!!
Lemon Ice Ashlee??  Yes, please!!


Melting Moran Boys!!
The girls got a SPECIAL present from Daddy!
Their very own couch that they ABSOLUTELY LOVE!!!


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