Princesses & Playgrounds!!

The girls have been living it up as usual.  Play, eat, sleep and repeat!  We've been doing more structured play and a few projects.  They are getting to such a fun age.. Ashlee copies EVERYTHING that Madison does so we really try to stay on her to set a good example with not too much "comparing". 
Aunt Linda came over to play and gave the girls these super cute crown kits that you decorate yourself.  They came with a slew of stickers and jewels and she LOVED it!  She even modeled it for me!!
Both girls are really into the dress up thing!  Ashlee comes to me at least 15 times a day to put a pair of shoes on her.  She brings them to me puts them on the floor and then sits at my feet until I comply.  She wears her bracelets and purses ALL.DAY.LONG!  It is so adorable!!
We had a BBQ at home this past wkd so the girls could swim a little and bounce in the Jumper.  Grandpa came over as well as Jen and Anthony.  The girls had a blast splashing around with Anthony and bouncing in the jumper until they could no longer see straight!
Hope everyone is having a wonderful, productive week!!!

Madison plays an excellent little Mommy!!
Here she is kissing her baby..
(Did I mention that stroller is a toy??)

Let's go baby!  Hold tight!

Uh oh! Mama wiped out!! These heels are slippery!

All dressed up..What should we do????
I KNOW!! Let's go raid the cereal cabinet!!!!! YEA!!!

Madison's Princess Crown (that she designed) from Aunt Linda!!

She even made one so Mommy could be a princess too!

Even Poppy joined in the princess fun!!

Madison pushes her sister like a PRO!!

Taking a break from cooking dinner to pose for Daddy

Squirting Anthony!!


Time out for Kit-Kat!!

My precious!!

Bounce House FUN!!

Here I go.........

Cheese Balls!!


Showing off their necklaces they made their cousins!!


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